A South Side man was charged Monday with killing baby Jonylah Watkins and wounding her father because he was angry the dad stole a PlayStation, police said.  In March, Jonylah was shot multiple times while her father — a known gangbanger — was changing her diaper while sitting in a parked vehicle. Jonylah’s father, Jonathan Watkins, was also wounded in the drive-bye-shooting, and survived his wounds. Watkins’ cooperation is what led to the arrest of Koman Willis.

Koman Willis, of the 7800 block of South St. Lawrence, was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery, said Sally Daly, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney.

Willis surrendered to police Saturday afternoon, accompanied by an attorney, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said.

“He knew we were looking for him,” McCarthy said.

This from Chicago Sun-Times:

Authorities said they believe the shootings were in retaliation for Jonylah’s father allegedly burglarizing Willis’ mother’s home. A PlayStation videogame device was among the items stolen, officials said. Jonylah’s father, Jonathan Watkins, probably won’t be charged in the burglary, McCarthy said.

Watkins suffered three bullet wounds. At the time of the shooting, Watkins told the Chicago Sun-Times from his hospital bed that he didn’t know who shot him.

McCarthy said the shots were fired from behind Watkins, who was sitting with Jonylah in his lap in a minivan in the 6500 block of South Maryland.

“He may or may not have seen him,” McCarthy said, adding that police don’t think Willis was trying to hit the baby.

You’ve read it correctly, an innocent baby was allegedly killed over a PlayStation.


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  • talaktochoba

    i’m told guns don’t kill people, people do…alright, if one follows that “logic”, either we make the world safe for people or safe for guns, because quite obviously the two “protagonists” cannot coexist;

    since by now it’s obvious my bias is towards people–i find no difficulty choosing between sleeping with my wife or a gun–just where did all these guns come from into our neighbourhoods?

    last time i checked, we own no munitions factories, no firearm factories, not even any transportation companies (airlines, trucking firms, UPS, DHL, etc.) to bring the Colts and Glocks and Rems and Smithies into our neighbourhoods (just like cocaine, but that’s another subject);

    in fact, we own no travelling gun shows or the arenas the shows come to…and furthermore, it is a verifiable fact that the overwhelming majority of firearms are owned by the world’s newest shrinking majority–white folks;

    anyone understand my confusion at all these disconnects–we own or control no facet of the firearms industry, yet remain the communities most victimised by it?

    now who will be first here to whip out the blanket of the 2nd Amendment and call this all a coincidence?

    a word of warning–i’m far too old to believe in yellow rain…

  • No wonder the father initially would not cooperate with the police to help find his baby’s murder. He knew all along she was killed over a damn Playstation. SMH.

  • Miakoda

    In Baltimore, Maryland, a 16-month-old baby was killed after his father was a target of a shooting.

  • Baby

    I hope this will end the baby’s father’s days as a gangbanger. He needs to really sit back and reflect. This is truly some mess!!!! That is all I can say.

  • I would hope so. However with hardcore gang bangers, it’s usually about retaliation, unfortunately. It’s easy to get into the life and very difficult to get out, from my observation.