And the Beyonce baby bump watch saga continues…

The Internet was on fire last week with rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting their second child. E! Online and The New York Post both quoted sources close to the couple saying Beyonce was pregnant, though Jay-Z and Beyonce’s camps would not confirm the news. Nonetheless, the media reported the news widely, substantiating pregnancy rumors that arose when Beyonce appeared to have a pouch in her costume, wore a belly-obscuring gown on the red carpet and cancelled one of her sold-out concerts.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have responded to the speculation, and they aren’t too pleased by the rumors. Beyonce posted the following message on her Instagram, before abruptly deleting it:

I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change people’s minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.

Hot 97 programming director, Ebro, got word from Jay-Z that the rumors aren’t true. Jay-Z also made sure to chide news outlets and blogs in his comment. According to Necole Bitchie:

Well, I emailed Jay-Z [to congratulate him] and then he hit me back and said ‘It’s not true.’ Like literally, it had to be Saturday afternoon, so it had been a whole 24 hours of it’s true.

Cipha Sounds: What was his direct qoute?

‘It’s not true, the news is worse than blogs,’ so no baby yet.

That’s what the email account said unless he’s been cat fishing me the whole time [laughs] for the last five years.

It’s hard to tell who is lying here, but one thing is true: if Beyonce is really pregnant, the couple will announce it in their own special way when they believe the time is right.

What are your thoughts on Beyonce Bump Watch 2013, Clutchettes?


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  • Nikki

    People werent even paying attention. She said she defied doctor’s orders to perform. If she previously had a miscarriage, I doubt she would do that and risk the unborn baby. She isnt pregnant. And everyone knows “sources” are never reliable. I could be a freaking source!

  • MommieDearest

    LOL @ Anthony!

  • Child, Please

    I don’t have a horse in this race, but my friends who bought tickets do and they’re trying to decide if they should cancel their plans or not. I don’t care if she’s pregnant, but she does need to give a formal (and more timely) notice as to whether she is or isn’t if only for those who purchased tickets and who went all out to see her.

  • Nubiahbella

    Bey’s camp never responds to rumor, gossips etc… I am not sure why people actually believe this note is real. Most musicians will never call their fans low-lives!
    Bey persona is bland and always trying to please everybody.
    I don’t believe she’s pregnant at all but your metabolism, hormones etc … do change after a pregnancy which could explain the exhaustion ( I am just speculating here and not all women are equal)

  • Rue.

    “…laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me.’ This is either very fake or Beyonce needs a new manager ASAP.

    • justanotheropinion

      “This is either very fake or Beyonce needs a new manager ASAP.”

      Or, she finally said something that spoke to how she really felt instead of something that was scripted and contrived to suit an image. I have no dog in this fight, but it you wanna put yourself out there to make a living, you gotta take the good with the bad.

      Whether it was her or someone else that made this comment, it was pretty low, rude, classless and more than a bit ungrateful. After all, these “low life’s” are the ones buying your music & paying for concert tickets…