Black Co-ParentingPsychologists, Child Therapists, and many individuals concur that a two-parent home is the best way to raise a child. Not all households are created equal. In some households there’s an absent father, in some households there’s an absent mother, and in some cases both parents are absent. Specifically, the single parent phenomenon and broken family structure is an overdue problem plaguing our community. As a product of a single parent home, I know firsthand how difficult it is to raise children with the absence of a father and on one income.

If there’s a remedy to eradicate single-parent families in our community, then co-parenting is the cure. By definition co-parenting is a parenting situation where the parents are not in a marriage, cohabitation or romantic relationship with one another, they are simply providing a two-parent system for a child. A co-parent could be your child’s soccer coach, a family friend, or anyone who’s willing to put time, commitment, and resources into raising your child. For some the co-parenting idea may sound far-fetched, but imagine the benefits of a boy growing up with a constant father figure or a daughter growing up with a constant mother figure, let alone the burden it would take off the single parent.

Most children raised in a two-parent home have financial advantages, economic privileges, and possibly brighter futures than children raised in a single parent home. It takes two to make a child and arguably it takes two to best raise a child. Would you consider co-parenting as an option?


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