Cal State Sorority Dresses Up As Cholas: University Is Offended

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Some students at Cal State San Marcos are outraged after a sorority member posted pictures on Instagram that show sorority sisters dressed up like Latina gang members.

“They have no notion or understanding of the ramifications these pictures can create,” said Margarita Uribe. “We don’t feel safe. We feel a constant ridicule or mockery of our culture.  We, as students, as Latina, Latino students, we hold a certain privilege that we’re here on this campus, that we’re able to have a higher education access, but the communities that we leave behind, they don’t have the same kind of access that we do, so for us to see the mockery of certain cultures that we co-exist with on the daily, it triggers… it brings something to mind like, ‘Wow, we really don’t matter.'”

The pictures have been pulled off the page where they were posted by a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. The sorority president has apologized, saying they meant no harm when sorority sisters wore the costumes at a retreat.

A spokesperson for CSU San Marcos said no disciplinary action will be taken against the sorority, but that extra diversity training will soon be offered to all students, especially incoming freshmen.

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  • Nicole

    These types of events have been in the media a lot lately, and I’m so sick of this crap! I went to a predominantly white college with a bunch of white sororities and fraternities doing costumed events all the time. I’ve seen them all. TV show and movie characters, different decades, sports, you name it! There is absolutely NO REASON to portray yourself as another race. NONE! There are a million and one other costume ideas. The fact that you skipped over all of them and said to yourself “I think I’ll dress up as a Latina gang member! Yeah, that’ll be fun!” says so much about your character….or, in this case, lack thereof.

    • Simone L

      “It’ll be fun” said no one ever. smh. true indeed.

  • VatoLoco

    why are americans so racist and stupid? and im not talking about those white girls tho, im talking about you ppl, the blacks, asians and “latinos” americans. what would those dumbasses americans that got outraged over this would think of white mexicans that would dress as vatos? oh its not ok cuz its an american thats doing it? SMFH. grow out of your racism.

    • xris

      Learn to write properly before attempting to ridicule anyone. You are the only dumbass here.

  • Simone L

    If I were an asshole passing by them, I’d fake a phone conversation with my homegirl “Lupe” and tell her to bring her girls so they can see these chicks making fun of them. Then I’d fake taking photos. Make em think twice.

  • xris

    I wonder why people like you ever decide to post on any public forum. You sit there and attempt to disrespect others when all you are really doing is proving your stupidity and ignorance. If you had any sense what so ever you would avoid posting because you seem to lack any knowledge of the English language. Your grammatical errors gave me a headache while I tried to decipher what your ridiculous message was trying to say. In my eyes the only dumbass here is you!

  • talaktochoba

    perhaps these sisters can complete their sensitivity training in a barrio;

    on second thought, nah–it is kinda hard to contemplate the deeper meaning to college education strapped to a gurney in ICU…