Farrah Abraham + Montana

MTV’s Teen Mom Farrah Abraham recently dethroned Kim Kardashian in a record debut of her sex tape, “Backdoor Teen Mom” with Vivid Entertainment. In less than twelve hours, the 16 & Pregnant newly-minted porn star garnered 2 million views, crushing Kim K.’s 600,000 twelve-hour debut, proving that the strategic “sex tape for fame” move is alive and well…at least for white girls.

Prior to the release of the video, Abraham was not only a reality TV star, but she also became a New York Times bestselling author for her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. Her boyfriend, also her daughter’s father, was tragically killed in a car accident while she was pregnant; hence came the “whirlwind of events” that would set “the pace for the next few years of her life,” as her website describes the beginnings of her ascent to fame. She would go on to launch an Italian Pepper Sauce line with her family called MOM&ME, and is in the process of opening her first restaurant. Now, with a perfectly sculpted body, hot anal sex shots, and porn star James Deen, the young mom can add a celebrity sex tape to her list of accolades.

“I can’t believe the one time I have sex in the past year has turned into this #UNREAL,” tweeted the teen mom celeb in response to the tape’s release.

What’s unreal is that just a few short years ago, Montana “Chippy D.” Fishburne, daughter of Matrix actor Laurence Fishburne, tried a similarly “strategic” move and learned the hard way that celebrity porn is rarely a path to fame for black girls. Karrine “Superhead” Steffans is one of the few black women to transform her brand as a one-time porn star and video girl into a career as a New York Times bestselling author and multiple products, like Abraham’s. Fishburne, originally under the mentorship of porn star Brian Pumper, hasn’t experienced that level of mainstream success yet, despite her attempts to brand herself as a fitness trainer. She’s trying but nowhere near the path of former Playboy Playmate, exercise video star, and now activist, Jane Fonda. But is anyone really surprised?

Admittedly, Jane Fonda is a legend in her own right and built her fame primarily as an actress. However, the comparison is to point out that adult media is a career-catalyzing option for countless white women, while black women are rarely afforded the same boost or forgiving reputation. There’s nothing wrong with selling sex, choosing to participate in porn, or posing in other forms of adult media. It’s just jarring that so many white women have been able to transform their moments as adult stars into versatile entertainment careers. There’s little hope that Ryan Seacrest will call the Fishburne’s unless Laurence agrees to pimp his daughter’s porn fame for a family reality TV show or a high-profile rapper agrees to impregnate her. Not to mention, she’s already too old for MTV’s 16 & Pregnant.

Double standards are tragic. No Sears clothing lines or family pepper sauces for Montana. Just a Tumblr of low-quality photos, 11,248 Twitter followers, and a dream. The young woman deserves applause for being confident enough to have her nude body and sex life filmed for public viewing. However, making a sexual political statement was not her goal. She wanted a career, a jump-start to fame. What’s a black girl to do now?

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  1. I literally clicked on this to see who would be STUPID enough to champion this. Noted.

    Girl, seek therapy. Being known as a wh*re is NOT the business. And let’s not act like one person wasn’t strung out, and used her father’s name to get recognition. #Dobetter

  2. shawty the sweetie

    Black women need to stop thinking they can do the same things white women can do, feminism is a lie.

    • You ain’t NEVER LIED. I don’t have a few friends anymore after pointing this out (and their “experiments” turned out wrong afterwards). We DON’T have that kind of protection or care in this country, heck in this WORLD! You see Asian and Eastern European chicks embracing this nonsense? Heck, you see lower-class white women embracing this without dyed blonde hair and under a certain height/weight?


      A lot (the vast majority) of feminism is for middle-class and up Western white women who will ALWAYS have a back-up plan b/c their men will protect and defend their image 4.Ever.

      And even that is on the wane with some of these antics, mail order brides are on the up-tick for REASONS. There are a lot of angry (some single) middle-aged white women out there for REASONS. Most of that noise is for young white women with easy access to college-educated men of all races, we ain’t got it like that.

  3. MommieDearest

    Are some of us SOOOO obsessed with trying to do everything white people do that we are getting mad if our attemps to whore ourselves out fail? WTF? *smh*

  4. Gina Wild

    Double standard! You’re kidding, right?

    Well, possibly and it’s ok too because it’s not like making a sex tape is a badge of honor. So on that note, them Farrah, KK and PH can have the prize!

  5. I was thinking about the other day, but I can’t say that it’s a double standard in this case. I had never heard of Montana before her sex tape, and I still have no interest in her. However, I have followed Farrah’s life from 16 and Pregnant and throughout all of the seasons of Teen Mom. In short, I’ve been familiar with Farrah for years. She’s *always* in the tabloids, so naturally, when she releases a sex tape, it’s going to be popular.

    Furthermore, Farrah made her sex tape with a famous porn star. I don’t think anything more needs to be said here.