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It is the fifth month of 2013 and many women of color are resolving to change an aspect of their lives within the next seven months. Some want to drop their “no good” man, lessen the width of their hips or free themselves from the job from hell where happiness is sacrificed for rent and expenses.

May will soon shift to June and the dog-heat of summer will emerge. Some of us will lose sight of our initial goals to survive the hustle of life. Our dedication to our resolutions will begin to wane and losing those 30 pounds will seem more realistic for 2014 than right now.

We can’t afford to lose our resolve, so instead of pushing goals into the future, we must be responsible for our dreams now. If we are able to see our goals each morning when we awake and as we wind down each night, dumping the excess baggage will seem attainable.

When Oprah was dominating televisions in the afternoons, she hosted a special on the law of attraction. Based on the self-help phenomenon The Secret, the law of attraction is a theory that states our thinking creates and brings to us whatever our heart desires. When we speak or think positively, the universe responds willfully.

The vision board is one of the greatest tools available to us as we live our truths in 2013. Vision boards are often filled with magazine and newspaper clippings of letters and objects designed to represent short or long-term goals in our lives. Vision boards are bright, colorful, and attractive and are supposed to be hung visibly to send messages to our subconscious.

There are rules to establishing an effective vision board that will motivate and fuel us long after our Spring Resolutions are lost in the shuffle of our lives.

Martha Beck, a life coach and contributor to O, the Oprah Magazine, suggests three essential steps that for building a successful vision board.


Find Heartstopping Images

When flipping through magazines or other resources to find concepts for a vision board, search for unfamiliar and abstract images. Notice what triggers a reaction e.g. a gasp, heart pounding, or a double take and cut that immediately out.

In her article “What the Heck’s a Vision Board – And How Can Change Your Life?” Beck explains this concept further.

“These thoughts register in your stomach, your heart, your lungs—anywhere but your head. You can’t produce them in response to cultural clichés or abstract ideas. Nor can you always know why your body reacts to an image. Wondering, then finding out, is one of the most delicious things about assembling a vision board.”


Release – Mentally and Emotionally

Establishing a vision should be natural. Don’t overthink or overanalyze the vision board because it will block what should happen organically. Also, vision boards are not supposed to be created with a result in mind. It is a concept that requires us to realize our deepest desires and vocalize them through art. Don’t stifle the process by overthinking it.


Faith + Works = Progress

Vision boards are not magical solutions; work must be done to achieve these goals. Faith without works is dead, so be alive and dedicated to these goals. You want a new job? Submit applications. You want a revitalized love life? Create an online dating profile or head to the nearest café.

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