Cyber CheatingCommunicating by text, email, and social media is comfortably becoming the new norm for many people with no desire to actually speak or make face-to-face interaction. Cyber-talking is the new phenomenon in cheating. Like any email, text, or Facebook message it can start out as an innocent hello… until flirting or misinterpreted flirting takes place and feelings start to grow. Back in the day and still used today… the most intimate way to connect with someone was through a hand written “love letter.” In today’s day-and-time the heart can grow just a fond through cyber-texting. Take the real story behind Catfish for example or even better football player Manti Te’o  as proof that it’s very possible to fall for someone you’ve never “spoken” to.

Anyone who’s ever received text messages of sweet nothings can attest to the feelings a sweet text message can bring. “How’s your day going?” “I’m thinking about you” “what do you have on?” “I miss you.” Whether it’s an email, text, or social media message, writing is such an intimate form of communication. In fact people typically write things they wouldn’t normally have the courage to say. Cyber messaging has become a major outlet for people to express their true unfiltered feelings. But what happens when the door of opportunity is open to an ex or a new love interest on Facebook.

Cyber-cheating takes cheating to the next level, leaving the cyber airwaves open for feelings and emotions to grow via text, email, or social media messages. In fact social media cheating is a growing cause in the divorce rate. In 2009, 1-in-5 divorces were blamed on social media cheating, now in 2012 1-in-3 divorces are blamed on social media. With social media easily at everyone’s fingertips, cyber affairs are doomed to happen.

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