Detroit Judge Wade McCree

Detroit Judge Wade McCreeMy beloved hometown of Detroit stays in the press for tomfoolery and this tidbit is unfortunately no different. Judge Wade McCree made news a while ago when he proclaimed that there was “no shame in his game” after being confronted with semi-nude pictures he sent to a female bailiff. Well, now the embattled judge is facing charges of judicial misconduct stemming from his admitted sexual relationship with a woman who came before him  about a child support case.

Judge McCree is married and his relationship with his mistress got especially hairy when she allegedly got pregnant by him with twins. In his defense, McCree claimed that he was the “king of latex” and he hence doubted the paternity claim. He does, however, admit that he “lusted” after his accuser.

My dear Detroit, can we do better? Please? Pretty please?

Demetria Irwin is a New York City-based freelance writer/editor. Follow her on Twitter,@Love_Is_Dope.

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  • Jaslene

    Detroit please get your people.

  • AJ

    Detroiter here….
    What ‘s really sad is the father of Judge McCree, was a great guy. He is rolling in his grave right now.

  • Let me get this straight, a JUDGE sends semi nude pics to his bailiff, cheats on his wife, has her appear before him in court, allegedly impregnated her, and responds that he is the KING OF LATEX.

    And you people want people to stop using the word ratchet. Hey cheri if this aint ratchet than you better come up with a new word quick!

  • Rosey

    How does someone this ignorant become a judge?