It’s a great time in television for black women. Kerry Washington stars in the highly-successful ABC series “Scandal,” Meagan Good played the lead in the now-cancelled NBC drama “Deception,” Taraji P. Henson appears in CBS’s “Person of Interest,” and the list goes on. Gabrielle Union joins the crop of dynamic black actresses on television in the upcoming BET show, “Being Mary Jane.” As exciting as it is to see black women thrive on the small screen, Gabby is hoping black men get a chance to shine as well.

In an interview with Cocoa Fab, when asked how she feels about black actresses nabbing lead roles, she says:

“Luckily they’re my friends so thank God if I ever needed a loan I’d be like, “Well, I saw you last night on “Deception,” Megan, and I know you have money!” “Person of Interest” is one of the top rated shows internationally, so my girl Taraji (P. Henson) is doing so well. And then all of the films that have come from the great work that she’s done, and Kerry (Washington) with “Scandal” and “Django” and the whole world is like, Gladiator! And Thandie (Newton)’s show. I’ve big shoes to fill, but it’s dope. […] If you just humble yourself and be open, amazing things can come your way and that’s what we’ve seen. You can wait for a train that may never stop for you, or you can take advantage of every opportunity and I think that’s what you have seen us do in droves.”

She adds:

“Now you hope that the time of the black man is coming. You want them to have their “Scandal” and their “Deception” and their “Being Mary Jane” and you can see black love and black dysfunction.”

She brings up a great point. It’s interesting that black men aren’t being offered the lead in programs in the same way as black women. Though there are successful programs that feature black women in the star role, there’s isn’t as much of a focus on black love and relationships.

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