It’s a great time in television for black women. Kerry Washington stars in the highly-successful ABC series “Scandal,” Meagan Good played the lead in the now-cancelled NBC drama “Deception,” Taraji P. Henson appears in CBS’s “Person of Interest,” and the list goes on. Gabrielle Union joins the crop of dynamic black actresses on television in the upcoming BET show, “Being Mary Jane.” As exciting as it is to see black women thrive on the small screen, Gabby is hoping black men get a chance to shine as well.

In an interview with Cocoa Fab, when asked how she feels about black actresses nabbing lead roles, she says:

“Luckily they’re my friends so thank God if I ever needed a loan I’d be like, “Well, I saw you last night on “Deception,” Megan, and I know you have money!” “Person of Interest” is one of the top rated shows internationally, so my girl Taraji (P. Henson) is doing so well. And then all of the films that have come from the great work that she’s done, and Kerry (Washington) with “Scandal” and “Django” and the whole world is like, Gladiator! And Thandie (Newton)’s show. I’ve big shoes to fill, but it’s dope. […] If you just humble yourself and be open, amazing things can come your way and that’s what we’ve seen. You can wait for a train that may never stop for you, or you can take advantage of every opportunity and I think that’s what you have seen us do in droves.”

She adds:

“Now you hope that the time of the black man is coming. You want them to have their “Scandal” and their “Deception” and their “Being Mary Jane” and you can see black love and black dysfunction.”

She brings up a great point. It’s interesting that black men aren’t being offered the lead in programs in the same way as black women. Though there are successful programs that feature black women in the star role, there’s isn’t as much of a focus on black love and relationships.

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  • b

    I remember the controversy when Eriq Lasalle told the writers and producers of ER that he was very unhappy with the decision to have his chracter in a romantic relationship with a white co-star. He told them that it was disturbing that his relationship with a black woman was unhealthy and combative while his relationship with a white woman was blissful. He clearly understood, and stated, that a strong subliminal message was being sent. Today, we can see that his concerns have become a reality. Every attractive brother and sister on network television has a white lover. If this is what people mean by post-racial America, they can keep it.

  • Serenasailor

    This silly troll “BeReal” needs to BE QUIET. Instead of “wagging your finger” at Black women. Why don’t you wag your finger at the MYRIADS of Black male blogs who are dedicated strictly to bashing Black women?? I am TIRED of Black men LIKE YOU and I know you are a BLACK MAN coming in here trying to control the conversations of Black women. Yet, you are TOO SCARED to say ANYTHING to your Black woman HATING brethren. Why don’t you talk to the MYRIADS of Black men who have created a culture out of HATING and EXCLUDING Black women?

    Gabrielle is WRONG!! Instead of using this opportunity to congratulate her fellow Black actresses. She used this as an opportunity to speak out for the “plight” of Black men. BTW, when is the LAST TIME Gabrielle has been used to play a love interest in a White movie? Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Viola Davis have spoken out against the lack of roles for Black actresses. They have used whatever opportunity that they could to “STAND UP” for Black women. When is the last time some prominent Black male actor has spoken up for the “lack of roles” for Black women? And a lot of you Black women in here blaming “Da White Debil” for the lack of Black on Black love. Actually need to thank these Black male actors. Because MANY OF THEM don’t want it. And you can tell Black men don’t want Black women as there love interest cause look at there music videos.

    The truth is…a lot of Black men have “headlined” there own shows. From David Alan Grier, The Wayans bros. Dennis Haysberg, Andre Brougher etc, Don Cheadle who RECENTLY WON an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his headlining role on Showtimes “House of Lies.” Let’s not begin to mention Taye Diggs who has headlined 2 network television shows. Both of which HE HIMSELF chose NOT TO have ANY Black female love interest. Heck, they even gave an athlete i.e Micheal Strahan his own show. Which he was going to have Kim Kardashian play his girlfriend. So believe me…Black men are doing just fine. Not to mention the MYRIAD of Black male movie stars, Denzel, Will, Sam J. Jamie Foxx, Forest Whitacker who have had crossover success.

    The ONLY TIME a Black woman is used in a White movie is to play the TYPICAL unattractive stereotype. Like the ones in Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Park & Recreations, Community. And the ONLY TIME a Black woman gets a lead role in a movie is for a “Precious or “The Help” type movies. Gabrielle is even in a more precarious position. Because she is TOO PRETTY to play the unattractive stereotype usually reserved for Black actresses. But she CAN NEVER play the beautiful, sought, love interest either. Cause those roles are ALWAYS GO to White women. So she can’t play the stereotypical roles cause those go to Gabourey Sidibe. Yet, she can’t play the desired roles cause those go to Emma Stone. So she is caught between a proverbial “Rock and a Hard Place.” That is what she should have “Spoke out” on.

    What I think happened is that Gabrielle heard the “Moaning & Groaning” from the Black men in her and D. Wade’s circle. More than likely about Kerry Washington and her television show. So she used this as an opportunity to “beat her chest and throw deuces” to the Black men in her circle to show that she is in agreement with them and she still “GOT DEY BACK.” And this is the type of self-sacrificing, mammy-like behavior that has Black men take Black women for granted.

    • v

      I’m happy you were able to get all of that off your chest. Now please seek counseling for the rage that is inside of you. It’s unhealthy and counterproductive.

    • SayWhat

      I love it, black women stand up for themselves and it is called rage, but yet if a white person would call you angry for calling out racist behavior you’d be mad.
      This young woman told the truth, and yet she is bullied, shamed on a black woman’s website.
      No one is asking you to agree with her viewpoint, but don’t call her names.

    • guest

      “Hate destroys the vessel that contains it.”

    • Anon

      Woot Woot! Done said it all and then some!

      Unless you’ve been there personally, NOBODY gets hated on like a slim charming younger black woman. And I’m sure in Hollywood, at this point and this age, Ms. Union is looking for all of the support she can get.

  • Cassy

    PREACH IT Girl!!!

  • You are correct. But this is a also a money thing. White people are still the majority and unless they see themselves onscreen they will not support the show. No mass support, no ratings, no ad revenue.