As sexy as your favorite skin-tight dress and heels can be, believe it or not, hair has the same ability to create that certain ooh-la-la feeling. Hair that is healthy, luxurious and voluminous is sexy, so it’s no wonder women are relying on extensions for a little extra thickness.

Of course products promise “instant, thicker hair”, but before you go into debt shelling out money for the newest and latest on the market, check out these tips for our volumizing secrets.

1. Cut layers beneath the crown of a bobbed style or slightly back-comb hair to create a lift and a little extra boost.

2. Use a volumizing shampoo, paying special attention to your roots. Follow up with volumizing conditioner, but be careful to only apply it to your ends to prevent over-conditioning.

3. Switch it up. Wearing your hair in the same style encourages it to lay flat. Lose your part (or switch it if the thought is unbearable) or sweep your hair all the way back. Think Deena or Effie from Dreamgirls.

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