Commencement season has arrived and Kerry Washington was not only  the commencement speaker at her alma mater, George Washington University, she was also honored with an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.

During her commencement speech, Washington shared anecdotes from her time as a student during the commencement speech.  From joking about being cast as a frog in a musical, “It was not my lifetime dream role to play a frog. In fact, the thought of it terrified me”, to having to “a lot of sleepless nights” and “more than a few drinks” at a bar near campus during her college years.

Washington urged the new graduates to pursue their dreams and leave their own mark.

“Your life is your story and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential,” she said.

And for those students with stories that would translate onto the big screen, Washington joked she would be calling to option the rights, because “I am so Hollywood now.”

View her whole speech below:

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  • dippedingodiva

    I love Kerry Washington; she is such a breath of fresh air. She’s so inspirational, poised, intelligent, regal, articulate and down to earth. Her speech yesterday resonated so much with me being a college junior who is worrying about my options when I graduate. Kerry just gave me that extra fire that I needed.

    • ImJustSaying

      And the problem with her living her life her way is……?

    • Naps93!

      Please people! Don’t feed this troll!

    • Liz

      What Naps93 said.

    • Simone L

      She’s on the cover of the new Elle for June. I was so damn excited my eyes glazed over the words, I have to actually READ it. She is a breath of fresh air.

    • Hello

      Hate on hata !! @ BeReal Ctfu @ you

      Kerry looks beautiful in that pic

    • BeanBean

      What?????????? The woman can’t have a career that she’s worked her butt off for? I hope that she does adopt a child from Africa!

  • dreemeagle

    too bad she didn’t cover her training for the “Sally Hemmings Show” but clearly all she had to do was read “Clotelle” then reenact it every week with anything white in pants, while rejecting everything black…

  • RenJennM

    I could listen to her talk forever. She’s so inspirational, captivating, and cool in her own way. And she got a standing ovation, so that’s saying something! :-)

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