Lauryn Hill recently released a new song, “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix),” a scathing critique on the state of our society. In the song, Lauryn makes some references to the LGBT community that have a few critics up in arms.

The lyrics in question read:

“We’re living in a joke time…commerce and girl men…quick scam and drag queens.”

Lauryn has every right to her opinion, but many are questioning how she can champion womens rights and give commentary on race relations and then shun the LGBT community.

BET’s Monica Miller writes:

“Neurotic Society” proclaims again that Babylon is falling — thanks in part to tricksters like ”girl men,” ”drag queens,” and the lies of ”social transvestism.” Whether or not Hill is merely using these comments as examples of the smokescreens and sleight-of-hands that pervade this “Neurotic Society” is unclear. Beyond intention, these sorts of statements suggest that society is in a shambles because it’s been taking too many cues from the LGBTQ community, acting like “girl men,” “drag queens” and “transvestites.” Is her beef with oppressive society or is her issue with people who don’t abide by a traditional family structure? For those who don’t feel me, would it be okay if her song criticized “neurotic society” for acting like “N—–s,” ”mammies” and ”jezebels?” No! Then why does she think it’s cool to critique society by using stereotypes about a community that suggest the community isn’t as valuable as another?

What are your thoughts on Lauryn Hill’s commentary on the LGBT community, Clutchettes and Gents?

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