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  • anon

    This statement both acknowledges and trivializes diversity.

    • anon

      Why do many black people seem, to mostly lean towards whiteness, lightness, instead of the other way around?

    • KitKat

      Media images, generational slavemind, lack of critical thinking…the good thing is that at anytime perspectives can change.

  • Anthony

    All of the models are beautiful, but brown skin is not a look, it is who they are, just as much being women.

    • talaktochoba

      i disagree…it is both a look AND who they are, each is intrinsic and imperative to the other, genetic and impossible to replicate for retail;

      both qualities are what make makeup unnecessary, and what makes makeup mandatory for lacking the two attributes to be able to compete with those who have both attributes, especially in the abundance this group possesses;

      all four should each and every day call and thank their mothers and grandmothers;

  • BeanBean

    All of these woman are beautiful. I like how each of them have a unique feature that adds to their beauty. The top middle girl looks like Gabrielle Union to me.

    • talaktochoba

      Bean, i would be glad to forward you the name of my occultist…

    • talaktochoba

      Bean, that was supposed to o-c-c-u-l-i-s-t;

      bloody automatic spell-checkers…

    • BeanBean

      WHAT? occulist? That’s not even a word. Oculist or optometrist? Either way, if I think someone looks like Gabrielle Union that’s my opinion.

    • talaktochoba

      blind and semantic, Bean?

      you’re quite a fix–but on the plus side, both maladies taken together should more than qualify you for SSi;

      tap your way over to your local Social Security office and tell them you thought one of the girls in this picture looked like Gabrielle Union;

      once they see you’re blind as delusional, they’ll gladly fill out your forms for you;

  • pinklistick227

    I love being black!

    • talaktochoba

      and we love you back, kid!