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  • why show your flesh to perverts like me? for free?

    • Anthony

      It seems clear to me that this is just a fashion shot, not the sort of thing a woman will actually wear in every day life. It certainly is not porn, and if it arouses you, so what? Do you want women in burkas?

    • you a woman? who knew?

    • EbonyLolita

      You have to make this look work for YOU! I’m a D cup & I’d wear a sports bra! As a matter of fact I have a shirt like this & that’s the only way I wear it. Chile nothing is impossible in Fashion!

  • RenJennM

    I love side boob! It’s one of the few fashion privileges tiny-topped women like me get to have. Of course, you’ve got to have the waist and the nerve to rock it too. :-)

  • Pseudonym

    Love it in photos…but is this actually work in practice? Whenever I see loose “side boob” tops like the one above, I just see the wind blowing in the wrong direction and “side boob” becoming “entire boob.” Anyone care to share their real experience with this?

    • Chacha1

      I think a woman might wear a bandeau top like someone mentioned, or if not, maybe double sided fashion tape or glue would keep it in place. I wouldn’t wear a top like this, but if I did that’s what I’d do–wear fashion tape or a top underneath.

  • E.M.S.

    Not a fan. I’m modest by nature for the most part so aside from shorts and tank top, no skin from me. I don’t believe in being half naked in front of people just because. Seems like you’re giving people a free show.

    I kind of wonder what inspired the fashion industry to hype up so much revealing styles lately, especially marketing them towards young adults and even teens. I get the whole thing about having a right to wear what you want, but on the opposite end I don’t think it should be encouraged to wear things like this on a regular basis. Leaves no mystery.

  • Me. Man

    I personally don’t see the point, is it really that serious? I’m mean do people really need to walk around exposing some of their private parts to the PUBLIC in an effort to validate their personal pride. In all honesty its absolutely rediculous.