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  • Anthony

    Mariah Carey reminds me of Whitney Houston in that both started out with clean cut images, but over time, the real person came out. I believe the real Mariah is who we see in these videos. She is an exhibitionist and a bit of a “hoochie” (if any one uses that term anymore.)

    I don’t think she is tasteful, but I sure believe she is having fun!

  • RenJennM

    I really like the song! Dope collaboration, but then again, Miguel rarely ever disappoints me, so I should’ve expected it. Honestly, the song is cute enough for almost any female voice on this song, but Mariah did a pretty good job.

    Many of you think she tried too hard in the video. I honestly didn’t mind her. That’s how she’s been for years now, so I’m used to it. Didn’t really faze me.