Miguel may have more to worry about than the backlash from an ill-fated comment about black people being judgmental. The “Adorn” singer could be hit with a lawsuit for kicking a fan in the face at the Billboard Awards.

The 27 year-old famously jumped over a pit of audience members and crash landed onto an unlucky concertgoer, Khyati Shah. Shah initially seemed unbothered by the accident, even conducting an interview alongside Miguel smiling ear-to-ear while holding an ice pack to her elbow. At the time, Miguel’s bigger concerns seemed to be criticism from viewers and a slew of memes and gifs created to mimick the incident.

Now, it seems Khyati Shah had a change of heart. Her attorney, Vip Bhola, told E! News:

“We will determine [whether to file a lawsuit] after we have feedback from medical providers,” Bhola told E! News, declining to give a timeline on when any civil action might be filed.

The attorney also added that he has not spoken to the performer’s legal representatives, but did leave open the possibility of a settlement.

If this seems out of left field given her demeanor during the interview, Bhola offers that his client was “[in] shock and star struck” at that time but her condition has worsened since. Miguel’s camp has yet to comment.


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