Miss USA wants to marry a prince.

Nana Meriwether, otherwise known as Miss USA, has her eye on British royalty.

The dark-haired beauty, who stands 6-foot-4 in her heels, reportedly dished at the fund-raiser held at New York’s Four Seasons on Tuesday about Prince Harry, who was the guest of honor.

“He is single, right?” Meriwether said at the affair thrown by the American Friends of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince.

“Well so am I. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we married. And he is very tall and good looking, I hear. Perfect. We are meant to be.”

Aside from the 28-year-old being the man of the hour at the reception, other notable guests included Will.i.am, Sean Lennon, author Jay McInerney and his socialite wife Anne Hearst-McInerney.


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  • Nor

    Just wondering if anyone has a sense of humor. She obviously does. I’m sure that every woman who has ever made this statement did so for the humor of her companions. Stop taking everything so seriously.

  • simplyme

    Rule of thumb:
    If you’re a Black woman and you are about to admit that you find a particular White guy attractive (even if you are making the comment in jest and even if he is a Prince and most women with ovaries wouldn’t have a problem dating him), you must name him within a list of Black men you also find attractive so as not to be accused of self hating and having an inferiority complex. Including adverbs like “actually” and “surprisingly” before “cute” “hot” and “attractive” also help.

    Example: “Idris Elba is really fine!…he has nice abs. Kind of like how Prince Harry has really nice abs…. Yeah Prince Harry is surprisingly pretty attractive. Speaking of attractive, did you see Lance Gross in Temptation?”

    You’re welcome. Now Black men can never accuse you of being a bed wench brainwashed by Scandal.

    • Marisa

      She’s very pretty and she’s making a harmless joke, celebs do it all the time, hell we do it all the time. Would people have felt better if Nana had aimed for who typical black rapper/athlete/celeb. If one of those non black super models or beauty queens said this there would be no complaints AT ALL. There no issue of her saying this now if this was Taylor Swift saying this, Prince Harry better head for the hills.

  • L

    I don’t see the issue with her statement, even though it was clearly a joke. There are some fine white men out here, even in my normal working world. (I’m looking at one across this cubicle right now). I think black men are not intimidated by black women speaking out about “white fineness”, I think they are scared white men will soon realize how fine we are and how stupid (some) black men are for jumping ship.

  • L

    I just read the comment on the original story and all i can say is WOW.
    I did find this comment interesting though. and i have noticed this about prince harry too:

    “”” The funny part is that Harry has had the hots for black women for many years. It is why the royals go out of the way to plant stories about him with some blond British women.

    Back when he was in school he got into trouble for having “racy” photos of some famous black singers and celebrities. In racy I think they were actually referring to race. I still believe he has a secret black girlfriend and is the reason for his extended retreats in Africa. “””