Tionna T. Smalls

MTV is attempting to diversify its programming lineup and Girl, Get Your Mind Right! is a new show on its roster for the young female market.

Tionna T. Smalls is an author, blogger, and relationship expert who is on a mission to help young girls build healthy relationships and manage their dating issues. Recently the star of VH1’s series What Chilli Wants, Smalls serves up her non-nonsense relationship advice to a different demographic in this new series. On the show Girl, Get Your Mind Right! Tionna offers straight-edged guidance to improve her subjects’ love lives.

“I do not sugarcoat the truth”, Smalls says in the opening segment of the show’s first episode. The relationship series features interviews with her subject’s friends, environmental observations, and intakes of her head-on advice.  She also helps instill confidence in the young women she coaches by providing them with transformational makeovers and constant feedback.

The show seems like a promising attempt for the network to offer a fresh reality show perspective, one filled with educated lifestyle messaging versus degrading drama.

What do you think of the show? Will you be watching?

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