Viewers are highly anticipating the debut of “Being Mary Jane,” an upcoming BET series starring Gabrielle Union and written by Salim and Mara Brock Akil, scheduled to debut in 2014. The pilot will air on July 2, 2013 at at 10:30P/9:30C on BET. The story follows Mary Jane Paul, a fiercely independent, modern woman struggling to balance family, love and her career.

According to BET:

“Mary Jane Paul seemingly has it all as a beautiful and successful TV news anchor. In reality, she’s a self-sufficient powerhouse with a lackluster love life who remains devoted to a family that doesn’t share her motivation. How far is she willing to go to find the puzzle pieces that she – and society – insist are missing from her life? Intense drama and unforgettable moments unfold as Mary Jane juggles her life, her relationships, her work and commitments to her family.”

The network released two trailers of “Being Mary Jane” which are quickly getting buzz. The first shows Mary reprimanding her jobless teenage niece who she suspects is pregnant. The second shows Mary telling a Latina co-worker that black women aren’t as celebrated in the media as Latinas, saying: “No one has ever called a Latina ugly.”

Watch below:


Mary and Kara Argue

What do you think of “Being Mary Jane” so far, Clutchettes?

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  • Me27

    It looks promising and I will definitely be looking out for it. My only hope is that BET doesn’t ruin it’s chances by airing it on some obscure day and hour like Friday at 10pm. This would make a good prime-time Monday night show…

  • ImJustSaying

    After watching the clip I got excited to watch the show this summer. I just found out it’s going to be a 90-minute movie and the show will be in JANUARY?! BET I’m giving you a chance but that is way too big of a time gap. I hope they have a good marketing plan to keep it on viewer’s minds.

  • donnadara

    Who has a job in this room, raise your hand… That was hilarious.

  • kim

    this whole line is stupid, brook is a pretty dumb person, if you’re gonna play the race card atleast be accurate. latinas are any persons, from central america or has family from central a., and comes in different shades and colors they can be as black as wesley or as white as the late great mj. for ex. taitiana ali is latina, but so is america ferrera.

    • KC

      American is any person from the U.S. and we also come in ever shade. We can be as black as Wesley snipes or as white as Angelina Jolie. Their discussing race not nationality. News Flash: most all people are descended from immigrants and no longer speak the exact language of their ancestors. People and various cultures have intermingled all over this hemisphere. I guess I’m “English”.