Kerry Washington is having a successful run in acting right now, starring in the runaway hit show, “Scandal,” and in Quentin Tarantino’s highest-grossing film ever, “Django Unchained.” Her luck wasn’t enough to save “Peeples,” her new film that opened over the weekend, which only garnered five million in ticket sales.

The romantic comedy, produced by Tyler Perry, starred Kerry and Craig Robinson as a couple headed to the altar against her father’s (David Alan Grier) wishes. Both Tyler Perry and Kerry Washington’s name, and the safe but always entertaining premise of the film, led analysts to believe it would perform better at the box office.

The poor traction is probably due to the standout films, “Iron Man 3” and “The Great Gatsby” which ruled at the box office this weekend at the #1 and #2 spots, respectively. Still, I hate to think that “Peeples” poor performance might make it harder for black romantic comedies to get produced in the future.

How do you explain “Peeples” poor performance, Clutchettes? Did you go see it?

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  • Wonder if it occurred to anyone that Tyler puts out too much product too close together? It’s nice that he’s bringing other people on but this may have been more effective 5-6 Madea films ago.

    Saw the trailer at the movies and I wasn’t impressed. Seems like TP once said that if the formula no longer worked, he would just retire. Maybe he can give a hand to veteran filmmakers like Robert Townsend or Melvin/Mario Van Peebles since their works seem to go straight to cable/DVD.

  • BeanBean

    Not interested at all. Make something original, why do we need 1000 meet the parents type films? Perry needs to slow down with releasing films, one or two tops a year, that’s enough!!! Given the choice between Iron Man 3, Gatsby, or this film, I’m going to pick the other two.

  • civil – radd

    ms.washington got paid……$ she had a comment to the film before “Scandal” .

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  • Joy

    What? Taken seriously??!! It’s entertainment; not a documentary. Duuuuuuh!!