Saving Sanders: Pilar Sanders Untold StoryThe faith-filled fitness lover has remained pretty quiet since her highly publicized divorce with Deion Sanders. Pilar plans to release a tell-all book about her marriage to the former NFL player.

The book, Saving Sanders: Pilar Sanders Untold Story, is no surprise for Pilar’s fans. Shortly after the couple’s split, Pilar stated that she would be airing the truth about the couple’s alleged abusive relationship in a memoir.

Pilar’s friend and publicist Kali Bowyers pens the revealing book and provides a unique point-of-view on the couple’s relationship.

Although the book is not officially available yet, portions of it have been leaked online. In one excerpt, Bowyer writes about how Pilar felt when she found out Deion was taking her children away from her:

“I’ll never forget the night my phone rang at around 3:30 am. I had answered dead out of my sleep to hear just uncontrollable sobbing from a heartbroken Pilar, who could only mutter the words, ‘Kal, he took my babies.’ As I sat there and cried with her, she was completely devastated and blown away. I do not think this was something she ever imagined in a million years could happen to her. It had been a rough few months – doing my best to combat every attack Deion made. Watching my friend die inside, I refused to sit back at let this happen. I promised Pilar that I would fight for her.”

And how Deion allegedly tried to kill her following an infamous fight at the couple’s mansion:

“The headline making argument – a joke is more like it. What did not make the headlines is how Deion attempted to kill Pilar by picking up a statue in a fit of rage and hitting her over the head. Thank God her childhood best friend Dee was present in the house to witness the entire fight. After Dee jumped in to try to help Pilar, Deion responded by punching her in the face.”

A release date for the book has not been set.

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