Puerto Ricans have gone full throttle in their outrage over this can of Coors Light:


Notice the Puerto Rican flag that has been nicely placed at the bottom of the can.

From the Observer:

Coors Light’s latest marketing campaign has been shot with a silver bullet.

The company is under fire for a new ad campaign that features the Puerto Rican flag wrapped around their 20 oz Coors Light cans. The campaign is to celebrate the Puerto Rican Day Parade on June 9.

Local politicians and advocates are calling the ads “disrespectful” and “insulting.”

“It’s a total disrespect to the Puerto Rican flag,” Vincent Torres told DNAinfo.com. Mr. Torres is an organizer for the East Harlem group Boricuas For A Positive Image.

Puerto Rican Americans aren’t happy about the image of the flag being associated with an alcoholic beverage. Among latino populations, Puerto Ricans have the highest rate of alcoholic dependence. In addition, the theme of this year’s parade is “Salud–Celebrating Your Health” … a theme that doesn’t exactly to correspond to alcohol use (even if it is of the light calorie variety).

Apparently Coors is a major sponsor of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and they feel they can do whatever they want to boost their brand. But this isn’t the first time Coors offended Puerto Ricans.

In 2011, Coors ads featured the phrase “Emborícuate,” or “Become Puerto Rican” in Spanish beneath three beers. Torres says the word was taken by many to be a play on “Emborráchate,” or to get drunk. The social media backlash from Latino advocay groups forced the ads to be pulled from New York City subways, bus stops and phone booths.

“So it is surprising to many in the Puerto Rican community that the Parade leadership would allow the Puerto Rican flag to be displayed this year on a beer can. Are they willing to allow the perception that in exchange for money or donated product that they would allow unhealthy messages to their community?,” read the National Institute for Latino Policy e-mail.

“It depicts Puerto Ricans in the wrong way,” said Torres.

Just because the United States feels that it’s ok to post the American flag on everything from dog collars to toilet tissue, doesn’t mean Puerto Ricans are fine with doing the same.


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