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Australia’s Qantas Airlines is urging passengers to stow their Kindles and ditch their iPads to indulge in books specifically designed for their flight experience. Qantas has commissioned published works of fiction from Australian authors tailored to the length of flights.

The “Stories for Every Journey” initiative is the work of Droga5 Sydney, an advertising agency that wants to sell the art of reading books to their customers.

Droga5’s creative chairman David Nobay told Ad Age, “It occurred to us that, in this world of Kindles and iPads, the last bastion of the humble, paperback novel is actually at 40,000 feet. Just take a look at the bulging shelves at any airport bookstore.”

Nobay and his team also wanted to enhance the experience by offering books that a flyer can finish within the flight-time.

“According to our literary friends at Hachette, the average reader consumes between 200 and 300 words per minute, which equates to about a page per minute,” he explained.

The books accommodate naps, meals and even restroom breaks, with still enough time to finish them before the flight lands.

“After a few hours with a fine Qantas in-flight meal with Australian Shiraz, most people need a break from reading,” Nobay said.

Most of the books will be thrillers, non-fiction and crime novels with a customized foreward from Qantas as well as a personal note from Frequent Flyer CEO Lesley Grant.

In the age of technologically, adding books to flights seems like a hard sell. Stephanie Tully, Chief Marketing Officers of Qantas Loyalty, believes this new literary twist will appeal to high-frequency travelers as well as those traveling to exotic locales. Tully considers this latest ugrade “just one of many conversations we’re developing with our members, from Bronze to Platinum One.”

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