SHAWTY LO KIDSRemember when Oxygen was planning to roll out a new reality television show about Shawty Lo and his ten baby mama’s? Well, when the online world caught wind of the news, the show and the network received heavy backlash about its portrayal of black women. An online petition with more than 40,000 signatures got the show canceled before it even aired. Now Shawty Lo is speaking out on why he thinks the show really didn’t get a chance to see the light of day.

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, the rapper says that he believes the title of the show is what really sparked the fire with viewers.

“I really feel like the name that Oxygen came up with, ‘All My Babies’ Mammas,’ was dumb from the beginning when I heard that name,” he told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “It was just the name of the reality show.”

He hasn’t let the bad press get to him.

“A show don’t make my life or break my life. It is what it is,” Shawty Lo said.

To hear more of Shawty Lo’s opinion on the issue, watch the interview below.

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  • Margaret

    The name is not all that’s dumb, Shawty. How can you possibly parent these children effectively? And I’m not talking about writing a check. It’s just selfish behavior.

  • John

    Sorry, but I feel that thw subject matter in addition to the title is what got ir cancelled. Would the show have fared better if it were called “Just the Twenty-Five of Us”?? Don’t think so.

  • K

    i kind of have to agree with Shawty Lo *waits for tomatoes to be thrown at me* perception is everything, having the right language can convince you the sky is green, why do you think so many lawyers start as english majors? I believe if the show had been called “One Big Happy Family” or “All of Us” or “Shawty Bunch” (my horrible play on Brady Bunch but you get the idea). I think the show wouldnt have been perceived as bad with a softer name and therefore would have caused SUCH an uproar hence leading to cancellation. Now i am in no way saying that i agree with this show, his behavior and decisions to father so many children etc, all im “arguing” for is that i sort of agree, if it had been presented in a different light with a different title it probably would have made it to air.

    last point, picture this, imagine the clip floating around and title of the show was One Big Happy Family and it was edited to show that “main chick” (the one who was responsible for handing out money to the others) during those times when she was talking to the others and everybody was getting along. I guarantee that show wouldnt have been shut down, not only would it not have been perceived as bad b/c of title and editing BUT people would have been interested to see how all these woman got along to raise these kids, not of course they could/would have been an okie dome b/c there would be some fighting but my bottom line


    • Mademoiselle

      TOMATOOOEESSSS!!! (lol)

      I have to disagree with you. Remember Sister Wives? Similar concept, LOTS of negative press (I believe the police department even used the show to bring charges against the man and try to take his kids away), and that man “married” them, had a full-blown family plan together for who works and who watches the kids, etc. with full disclosure amongst all the women of his intention to live polyamorously. Titles may have some influence on perception, but I believe the viewing audience is a little more conscious than titular judgment.

    • K

      LOL I have only heard of Sister Wives, i dont follow the show or people and know very little about it so no argument here from me,

      But i will say perhaps that was because they lived polyamorously (and we all know outside of utah that is just frowned upon in western society in general) shawty lo is clearly just a ho, he wasn’t trying to live with them all together and calling them wives like ol boy off sister wives,

  • Natalie B.

    Help me Sweet Baby Jesus! The ig’nant -ass premise of the show and the dysfunction that it represents is the reason the show was cancelled. That’s why there was an uproar, that’s why it was cancelled. Mr. Lo needs to have several seats at the doctor’s office while waiting for his name to be called for a vasectomy.

    • The Moon in the Sky

      The premise of this show isn’t based on ignorance. It is based on dysfunction.