I’ve always been intrigued about marketing, advertising and cocoa butter.  Not that I’ve ever used Palmer’s before, since I prefer my cocoa butter “au natural”, but recently they’ve tried to revamp their image and their product line.

The newly launched men’s collection includes a solid cocoa butter and a lotion version:


Also included in the new Palmer’s ads are the McCourty twins:


Both played college ball at Rutgers University (RU Rah Rah!) and now play for the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots.  Two smooth looking, well moisturized, chocolate men.

Here’s their commercial:

Nevermind the fact they seem to have difficulty walking and talking at the same time.  But apparently white and black people in the YouTube comment section took issue to the white women falling into the arms of these two men.

I mean, logically, I asked myself, why couldn’t one of them be a black woman?  But then I decided I didn’t want to get all Miguelish and start being judgmental since I’m more of a “United Colors of Benetton” person and could careless about interracial happenings because I’ve been exposed to it since birth.

I wonder if I apply some Palmer’s if I could get Ryan Gosling and Joe Manganiello to fall from the sky, too?





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