Teacher Forced Son To Lick Desk Clean After Drawing On It

Parents of a Troy elementary school student say their son was told to lick his desk clean by his teacher.

George and Latonia Spencer say their 10-year-old son was caught doodling on his desk at School 16 and, according to them, the teacher directed their son to lick the desk to clean up the marks.

According to the child’s parents, it was only when the boy began to gag that the teacher told him to grab some paper towels and wipe it off.

The Spencer’s say they were successful in having their son placed in another classroom. But the former teacher made things worse, they say, by telling their son’s friends to not talk to him, further alienating their son from his peers.

George Spencer, who is an educator himself, and his wife say the apparent incident happened in February. They tell the NEWS CENTER they are coming forward now because they feel the district has done little about it.

They say the teacher was never reprimanded or suspended, and never offered an apology.

The NEWS CENTER has placed calls with the Troy School District and Dr. Brian Howard, Interim Superintendent of Schools, responded with the following statement:

“When a complaint from a parent is received the matter is investigated. Once the facts are known, appropriate steps are taken. If the facts show a complaint is unfounded the parent is informed. If the facts show a complaint is accurate or partially accurate, corrective measures are taken and the parent is informed.

Information regarding a specific student, staff member or parent is confidential and cannot be shared. There are times when a parent may not want to accept the facts. There are times when a parent may not agree that the steps taken are appropriate. The District will only act on the facts. The District is bound by laws and regulations. There is no need for additional information when an issue has been addressed fairly and responsibly based on facts. The District cannot and will not engage in spreading rumors and gossip.”

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  • Margaret

    Is that woman insane? Lick the desk? My worst teacher in the 60s never did anything like that. She should be glad she is dealing with rational parents. Time to retire.

    • Chelle

      I probably wouldn’t be so rational in this situation. Not that acting a fool would change what happened…BUT I would shine bright like a diamond all over that teacher’s ass.

  • Me27

    what state is this?

  • jay cee

    While I would have surely whupped that teacher’s ass, these parents need to give their son more pride, gumption, and self-awareness. My son, at age 10 or even 5 would have NEVER have demeaned or disrespected himself by committing that act or anything else as repugnant as that. Black parents had better start learning what to teach their children in terms of what it means to be Black in America and how to stand up. You think things are different now? Not on your life. People just hide their racism and bigotry better now. But, these sick people never miss a chance to demean a Black person. When someone, a “trained professional,” feed their egos by demeaning a child, then you know that something is dreadfully wrong with our society. You see how the Interim Superintendent responded to their complaint? He all but called the parents liars, or confused at best.That’s how complaints by Black people are handled.

  • brenda

    I would of made that teacher lick the desk….