PhoneWho better to tell you about the man you’re with than the woman who was in your spot before you? Let’s see there’s his momma, his sister, his female cousin, or even his grandmother. But truly knowing a man is afforded from an intimate relationship.

Sure you can secretly pray for the day he leaves his phone unlocked and you “accidentally” stumble upon it…..or you can meet his Ex. In the age of Facebook it’s quite easy to reach out to his ex to drop her a line to inquire about the man your with. What!? Men have been doing it for longest…without any shame. I know quite a fe men who do a stat-check on any female they intend to make their girl. Besides, meeting the woman from his past can provide you with key insight into your relationship and possibly determine whether or not you’ll have a future together. I’m not saying go dig for dirt, I’m saying dig for understanding of the man you plan to give your time and energy to, maybe even spend the rest of your life with.

You know the saying “Love is blind.” But what if you could get a better vision of your partner by having a convo with his Ex, would you do it?

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  • It is really unnecessary to meet the ex. I think it is common to ask why the relationship didn’t work out, but other than that, it is no reason to inquire about the ex at all. Besides, if the ex still has feelings for your mate, it is awkward and it could be dangerous depending on his/her state of mind. He/she could have moved on, but that doesn’t mean the ex has.

  • BlackNortherner

    This only would work in a perfect world where the ex gf/bf is a dead honest person and objectively provides analysis. What about when the person you get with dumped a particularly horrible person before getting with you?

    As I hunt for a new girlfriend, I wouldn’t care if a prospect happened to meet someone I used to date… but would never want them to meet the sociopath I dumped some years back. That is a woman who could (and did) manipulate, lie to, steal from and straight up destroy anyone, including friends and fam, and get away with it by knowing all the right things to say and how to portray herself to those viewing and judging the situation.

    My point? Some people,… many people… are toxic. For all you know you could be fed a lot of bs that will derail what coulda been a great relationship if you talk to a new partners ex.


  • L

    just an ex? no! meeting them is not needed. Now i do think, if you plan to have a serious relationship with a man that has a child, meeting the child’s mother is not a bad idea. Even if it’s only a brief meeting. But i would imagine most women are not mature enough to have a civilized conversation with a mate’s ex.