The Textured Nail Trend

We love the textured nail trend. While the nails aren’t plain, they aren’t weighted down with bells and whistles. Somewhere right in between, this trend is actually something you can feel on the nail bed.

One variation: layer a matte polish and a shiny polish. First paint your nails with a matte nail polish and let it dry to a velvety finish. Then dip a small brush into a shiny polish in the same shade (or you can just use a clear topcoat) and swipe it across each nail to create several shiny stripes or dots.

Click through this gallery for more textures to try.

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  • AnnT

    Slide #4 either looks like a white grenade or the back of an albino ninja turtle on her nail bed.

    • Chacha1

      What you said…and they look a little like textured press on nails.

  • #4. Are these nail wraps?

  • Monique

    The textured nail trend strikes me as unsanitary, especially for people in food service or healthcare professions.