Natural vs. Acrylic: My Love/Hate Relationship with my Nails
When I was younger my mother got her nails done every two weeks. It was a ritual of going to the nail salon and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to sit in the chair and get my nails done. When I did finally reach the age (I think late high school) it became a ritual that followed me all the way through college. Every two weeks, like clockwork, I went to the nail salon and either got a refill on my acrylic nails or got an entirely new full set put on. The drilling, the filing and the chemicals wreaked havoc on my nails, not to mention my improper removal of my tips. I bite, clipped and pulled my fake nails off, always exposing rifts and strips in my nail bed. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Over and Out: Ten Things We’re Tired of Explainin Here at COCO, we’re all for open dialogue and the eradication of ignorance—but sometimes we’ve just had enough. To Whom It May Concern: Stop coming at us (and our hair) like we’re some anomaly. “Hair is like religion and we each have our own rituals,” cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis once said. Respect our rituals. We aren’t obliged to justify them. Here are ten things we’ve had to explain about our hair (to our men, White peers/co-workers, even other Black women) . . . and ten reasons why we’re over it! (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Taking Care of Natural Hair on Vacation
Who is ready to take a vacation? Before you know it, the summer months will be here and we all will be traveling to sunny places. Of course, you want to have fabulous hair to match your stylish swimsuit or vacation attire. Whether you decide to go to somewhere hot and humid or you decide to spend a day a pool or on a beach, you have to pay close attention to taking care of your beautiful nature curls. We have some tips for every vacation situation to share with you. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

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