Coco+CremeGet The Look: Q.U.E.E.N. by Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae has a classic style; crisp white ruffled blouses, tailored, form-fitting black slacks, her signature pompadour and a chic red lip. She is the epitome of having a signature look. In her recent video Q.U.E.E.N. with Erykah Badu, Janelle took her classy black and white style up a notch. (Continue Reading…)

Box Braids vs. Senegalese Twists
I’m planning on taking more than a few trips in the next few months (think: weekend getaways with a pool somewhere in the picture, beachy trips down the east coast) so I’m excited about going for a protective style this summer, no doubt about it. (Continue Reading…)

5 Straight Medium-Length Styles
There’s nothing like a fresh blow-out and as the weather warms up you may be thinking about a medium-length cut for easier styling. Here are some looks to get you inspired. (Continue Reading…)

A,B,C: What ARE these Alphabet Creams, Anyway?
It seems every single week I get a pitch for a new product that swears to do everything from fix your complexion woes to stopping you from drunk dialing your ex in a fit of tequila-fueled bravado/stupidity. After plowing through about 20 or so of these creams and getting a shitload of “Which one do I use?” questions from friends and blog connections, I feel like it might be time to define exactly you’re buying when you see industry buzz terms like “AA,” “BB” and “CC” creams. (Continue Reading…)

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