Make Your Own Lipstick Out Of Crayons!
There was a period of my life when I would cover my body in gray paint and dress up as characters from a web comic. That period is now, thankfully, over. At least for that particular web comic, that is. (Photo taken by Troy Antoine LaFae.) The problem with this costume in particular is that it necessitated green lipstick, which was nearly impossible for me to find in the correct shade. I wound up using dollar-store eyeshadow instead, which my other gray friends rightfully balked at because of its heavy metal content. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

I Paid Thousands Of Dollars To Stop Biting My Nails (And It Was Worth It)
Seven years ago, I thought I was living the dream. I was pursuing a career in comedy and building a name for myself on one of Manhattan’s most prestigious comedy stages. I was in a relationship with a generous man who showered me with gifts. I had a supportive community of like-minded women and really, not a worry in the world. Life was great! Or was it? (Spoiler alert: It was not.) (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

All Hail The Pope: Our Favorite Looks From Scandal
The Scandal finale left everyone gasping for air and it solidified why everyone loves Olivia Pope. But more than the riveting plot lines, the suspense and steamy love affair between Olivia and the President, we love Scandal for Ms. Pope’s chic and always on point style. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

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