Fountain of Youth: 5 Ageless Stars
The upcoming Best Man Part 2 has us reliving the days of Harper, Jordan and Murch with our favorite stars like Taye Diggs, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan. While we’re going down memory lane we got to thinking about our favorite stars who are just as lovely as when they first graced the screen. These women appear to have the secret to lasting youth and careers that won’t quit.(Continue Reading @ C+C…)

The Rules of Flip Flops
When the heat hits, flip flops are about the cheapest and the coolest thing you can do for your feet, but that doesn’t mean they’re a free for all. Before you go get you 2 for $5 on at Old Navy we just want to lay down a few ground rules for rocking flip flops this summer. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

Natural Intervention 101: What to Do When the Perm Box is Calling
What to Do When You are Thinking about Turning Back to the Perm . . .We all have been there—sometime along our natural journey we begin to consider turning back to the perm. Whether it’s because of hairstyle boredom, looking for a change, or just simply missing those “bone straight” days, no matter what the reason, before you make a “permanent” decision take the following intervention steps into consideration. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

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