10 Reasons We Love Rihanna
It’ not easy being the number-one pop star in the world, but you couldn’t tell it by checking Rihanna’s Instagram photos. All at once, she the independent, bold, brash, vulnerable, saucy businesswoman and megastar that she claims to be…and we’re not mad at her. Unapologetic? Indeed. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

5 Effortless Tips To Flawless Brows
They say you can get away with murder if your brows are amazing. Not only do your eyebrows control the shape of your face, they also tend to be the first thing people pay attention to when they look at your face. In case you’re wondering, you don’t have the skills of Sam Fine or Damone Roberts to have phenomenal brows. It’s easier than you think. All you need is the right tools and these 5 tips will get you – and your brows where they need to be. (Continue Reading @ C+C…)

For the Love of Braids
One of the ultimate aesthetic expressions for women of African descent has got to be braids. The hair style spans back to ancient Africa, and is so culturally significant that the technique was used to communicate. Various ethnic groups throughout Africa used braids to signify their martial standing, or if they were expecting a child.(Continue Reading @ C+C…)

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