Tyler Perry is loved by many and despised by others. But there’s one thing you can say about him, he gives black actresses roles when there seems to be a white-out in Hollywood.  During last night’s episode of Next Chapter with Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey asked him a very poignant question:

“Why is it that you think Hollywood doesn’t see consistent space for, or roles for black women?” – His answer was simple:

“I think it’s the stories being told and the writers that are telling the stories. You’re telling stories from your own experiences and your own lives. For me, I’m telling stories from my own life. From my own life, there are lots of black women. You write about what you know.

I look at Shonda Rhimes…Scandal and Kerry Washington. You look at the cast of characters or even the extras brought on the show…They’re black people because it’s coming from her world. I don’t know if there is a “conspiracy against” I just feel like the storytellers are telling stories that don’t necessarily include a lot of us. We need more storytellers and more people in power to give the strength to those storytellers.”

Nowadays it seems that in order to secure quality roles for black actresses, you have to forge your own path. But the operative word is quality. Many people feel although Perry is giving black actresses their time to shine, the quality is still missing.

What do you think of his answer?

Tyler Perry on Why Hollywood Lacks Roles for Black Actresses

Hollywood has often been criticized for its lack of consistently available roles for black actresses. As a producer actively creating roles for African-American women, Tyler Perry has a unique perspective on where that criticism comes from. Watch him talk about the root of this issue and what he says Hollywood really needs in order to create more of these opportunities.

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