He’s my favorite drummer, DJ and also my favorite member of The Roots. I’ve even hung out at his house for his annual Super Bowl get together, so when I heard about Questlove’s new pop up restaurant, I was pretty excited because he’s an amazing cook.

On May 18, Questlove and restaurateur Stephen Starr will debut their chicken and dumplings stand in New York City’s Chelsea Market, called Hybird. Hybird’s menu boasts fried chicken, cupcakes and a beverage called Loveslush.

Yay, right? Everyone loves fried chicken, cupcakes and slushies?

But then I took a look at the prices:

123 Hybird Menu Final 10MAY by Eater NY

$41 for a bucket of chicken? In the words of several of my friends, “Where they do that at?”

I know math, so I understood if 1 piece is $4 and a bucket has 12 pieces,  $41 is actually a discount.  But who are these people willing to pay $41 for chicken? So maybe everyone isn’t going to run out and buy buckets, and will end up buying single pieces for $4, but still, I can get a whole chicken from Safeway for $2 extra dollars.

Since we both follow each other on Twitter, I figured I’d ask him myself:


Well he told me.

Clutchettes & Dudes, would you pay $41 for a bucket of fried chicken?

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