Opinions were divided about whether the Dolce & Gabbana Blackamoor-inspired earrings were racist. The earrings were essentially a headless female figurine wearing a scarf and heavy gold jewelry, and many linked the image with offensive stereotypes of black womanhood.

As controversial as the runway jewelry was, the concept has trickled down to mass retailers. Zara is now selling a necklace composed of dark-skinned faces and bright red lips flanked by gold faces. The bauble mimics minstrel caricatures and stereotypical images meant to lampoon slaves.

It was brought to national attention when Amanda Seales (formerly Amanda Diva) posted it on her social media accounts after spotting the necklace at the Zara store in Times Square. It was then reported by Huffington Post. Seales’ initial post drew outrage among commenters, who called it “shameful” and linked it to “Sambo and blackface,” while others failed to see the racial significance.

Do you find the jewelry offensive? How would you react if you saw someone wearing it? Share your thoughts in the comments, Clutchettes.


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