Allure Magazine printed Zoe Saldana’s weight on the cover of their latest issue, causing an internet firestorm. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the coverline, which read “115 pounds of grit and heartache.” Some felt it was weird, inappropriate and a glorification of thinness while others thought the outrage over the line was an instance of thin-shaming.

The person that didn’t find a problem with it all? Zoe Saldana, herself. The actress addressed the dek on “The Today Show,” stressing that she has no qualms about the numerical representation of her weight being on full display. “I have a thin frame,” she said. She also emphasized that the Allure editors were trying to illustrate the dichotomy between her small body and strong, bold personality.

She failed to address the fact that it might glorify thinness or project a limiting, sometimes unhealthy, standard of beauty. However, the show producers brought attention to the social implications of it all by polling viewers to see if they believe a cover like like that would ever be used to describe a male actor. The majority answered “Never.”

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