Allure Magazine printed Zoe Saldana’s weight on the cover of their latest issue, causing an internet firestorm. Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the coverline, which read “115 pounds of grit and heartache.” Some felt it was weird, inappropriate and a glorification of thinness while others thought the outrage over the line was an instance of thin-shaming.

The person that didn’t find a problem with it all? Zoe Saldana, herself. The actress addressed the dek on “The Today Show,” stressing that she has no qualms about the numerical representation of her weight being on full display. “I have a thin frame,” she said. She also emphasized that the Allure editors were trying to illustrate the dichotomy between her small body and strong, bold personality.

She failed to address the fact that it might glorify thinness or project a limiting, sometimes unhealthy, standard of beauty. However, the show producers brought attention to the social implications of it all by polling viewers to see if they believe a cover like like that would ever be used to describe a male actor. The majority answered “Never.”

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  • Honey

    I’m getting there…
    I am 5’5 and weights 158, my Body mass index (BMI) is unhealthy. I want to weight 130 lbs and be healthy.

  • Jen

    This article is good but does not even scratch the surface of the real issue here. Zoe is covering a primarily “white” read magazine and this issue needs to be seen in this context. European features that are glorified are thin, long hair, fair skinned. Adding her weight probably helped to sale more magazines considering the stats that prove when a person of color is featured on these types of magazines the sales go down.

    The placement of her weight is to sell more magazines. So in some insecure girls mind, regardless of her weight, she has this ideal of being that thin and beautiful if she tries hard enough. The reality is, like Zoe stated, some people are just naturally thin. If she smokes, skips meals, and starves herself for that “Hollywood Thin” thats on her conscious. The cover also immediately objectifies Zoe, and that is the truly sad part that she may never realize, but I guess in her line of work it happens.

    I love Zoe. Her beautiful brown skin on movies uplifts my spirits of hope for black women. She may not be as curvy as me or my complexion, but I love her fight as a black woman.

    Unfortunately I know so many women on diet pills, liquid diets and all sorts of horrible “get thin quick” remedies that never deal with the real problem. Which is loving yourself no matter what size you are.

    I am 180 pounds and fine as hell. Yes, seeing something like this can chip away at my ego if I let it. But I realize this is a white standard that so many people fall victim to.

    Zoe is a beautiful black woman, but If we all looked liked her this world would so not be interesting. Did you get that? Imagine if EVERY woman looked liked her. We would look like ants and no one could tell us apart or see how special we really are :)

    Love thyself