Everyone has an opinion on Paula Deen’s admission that she uses the “N-word,” planned a slavery-themed wedding and makes racist jokes. Several people are outraged, some are sympathetic and then, there’s Al Sharpton. When confronted by TMZ on the street, the Reverend and civil rights activist had this to say about Paula’s predicament:

“I think that it was just not about her using racial language. A lot of us have said things in the past that we regretted saying years ago. I think she has a lawsuit now, about activities now, whether they were discriminatory and whether or not she’s engaged in things now. It’s not about her past and whether she’s regained [her dignity and brand], I don’t know, I think it’s still in litigation.”

When the TMZ cameraman asked if the Reverend was saying Paula Deen deserves a break, he said:

“I mean she deserves what’s fair…I think you cannot deal with what is fair and not fair till we seek out in the present the circumstances she’s accused of, not something from 20 years ago.”

Some viewed Al Sharpton’s statements as a show of support, including Paula Deen herself, who tweeted:

Do you agree with Al Sharpton that Paula deserves a pass if her “racial language” was in the past and doesn’t reflect her present beliefs?

Watch Al Sharpton’s interview here:

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