Bill Cosby Isn't A Fan Of Apathy

Everyone loved Bill Cosby as Dr. Huxtable, but over the past several years, Bill Cosby has become somewhat of a “here’s what’s wrong with you black people” connoisseur.  He’s never one to bite his tongue, so it wasn’t a surprise to see his recent interview with the  New York Post, he discussed everything from diabetes, cigarette smoking and bad ass kids on the train, and how well Muslims run their households.

Cosby went on to explain that a major downfall in today’s society is apathy.

From the New York Post:

Toni Morrison spoke at Vanderbilt University graduation last month and she was saying that money was the reason for so many deaths, so many wars and people eating the wrong foods. And it’s true, man. But when you listen to the people who are selling “feel good,” it’s greed. They couldn’t care less about us — and because we have a feeling of apathy, we don’t care either.

Interview some school teachers. How many parents, on parent-teacher day, actually show up? Not to Dunbar or some school where people are saying they want their child to become an engineer or philosopher or whatever else that requires one to do some homework. Go to a school where people are not doing well. How many parents show up?

There is this situation where people tend to think that we are all victims. Victim meaning somebody else is doing this to us. That’s not true. And I said this 100 times and they keep throwing back, “victim.” What they don’t understand is that I haven’t forgotten anything.

What I remember is the things that were said that if you did certain things you could take care of yourself. If you took your child to the dentist and check for cavities the child likely won’t get them. If you take them just for emergency, that’s all they’re gonna get.

You got to have fight. Look up the word “fight.” We don’t have that fight, so life is problematic. You have intellectual news people, media, and they are talking about leave these people alone, these people can’t do better, you’re picking on the poor.

Cosby also touched upon the fact that black people don’t like their dirty laundry to be aired, but it needs to be aired in order for people to give a damn and start doing something about their situation.

What are you doing with your dirty laundry? You walk around with it! Your children are walking the streets loudly using profanity feeling kind of powerful as they storm the subway or whatever. I’m not asking people to not be children, but this is anger stuff. They get on the subways and they’re disrespecting elders. What happened to the old saying, “I didn’t raise you like that.” It’s true! You knew that your mother and father didn’t allow you to go around and disrespect elders. So, the dirty laundry is very simple, man: You wouldn’t have it if you did something about it.

A guy said to me, why don’t you go over there and talk to the white people about dirty laundry. I said I’m not concerned. I wasn’t brought up being concerned about how white people behave. Except when they were looking at us and saying I don’t like you because of your color and that’s when I’m concerned because they’re crazy. If you look at my color and all you’re concerned about is the color of my skin than you’re crazy because you are disregarding black colleges, people who grow up and become great at things that the racists tried to prevent.

What do you think of Bill Cosby and his “messages” to black people?

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