Dark Girls,” the documentary which candidly and provocatively explores colorism among African-Americans, is finally making it to the small screen. Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network will air the ‘Dark Girls’ documentary next Sunday.

The film, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, has generated a lot of buzz for its compelling interviews with dark-skinned African-American who reveal their poignant experiences dealing with colorism.

Co-directed by D. Channsin Berry and Bill Duke, the film gives dark-skinned women a platform to discuss prejudices they’ve faced because of their complexion and hopefully, spread awareness and bring healing.

Berry says of the film, in a writeup on their official website: “These ladies broke it down to the degree that dark-skinned ‘sistas’ with ‘good’ hair vs. dark-skinned women with ‘kinky’ hair were given edges when it came time for coveted promotions.” Additional interviewees for “Dark Girls” include White men in loving intimate relationships with Black women that were passed over by “their own men,” as well as dark-skinned women of Latin and Panamanian background to bring a world perspective to the issue of dark vs. light.”

I can’t wait to tune in to the world television premiere of Dark Girls on OWN Sunday, June 23, at 10 PM EST. Will you be watching, Clutchettes?

Watch the trailer below:

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  • Lauren

    I watched Phyllis Stickney address this issue. She was tremendous. She is a chocolate Actress not seen. We talk about the same thing over and over and over. The question is this. What can we do to change these perceptions. We must start with each other first. The question is are light skinned sisters really treated differently today. Is it factually true or is it a myth?. Are caramel sisters treated better light skinned sisters. Are brown sisters treated different than chocolate sisters. What way??? Is this more psychological or facts. What are the stats that bare this out. Are more light sisters getting jobs and promotions than chocolate sisters. I must have more stats. Do we do enough to help each other???

  • Jayis

    Are we being honest or are we going to pretend that it’s doesn’t matter if you’re dark or light? To those who wonder whether there’s an advantage or advantages to being lighter, like a caramel or butterscotch brown woman rather than dark chocolate, I can say yes there are. Otherwise, why would so many black women have a problem with being dark? Does anybody think they’re lying?

    Socially speaking, darker women are not chosen nearly as much by black men as are women of my complexion (light caramel). There are a lot of black men like lil wayne but they just don’t put it out there. I know this because I have dark girlfriends who get treated bad, insulted or ignored by black men just because they’re dark. I’ve been out lots of time with dark girlfriends and black men always check me out first. I know I’m going to have first pick a black man when he approaches a group of us because he’s going to check me out first. So, I have many more opportunities with black men because of my lighter hue compared to my darkskinned friends.

    Some of those opportunities can really pay off because they can open doors for you. I’m talking about no-string perks because a lot of black men especially will simply want to be around you or have you in their circle. Most of the time, they’re hoping they can get sex, but in the meantime, they’ll invite you to lunch or to other social affairs. I got my job this way because I met a man at a luncheon who told me about it. I’m talking about men who are in the position to influence other people, not the brotha who’s trying holla at you on the street.

    • Jeanette

      @ Jayis, if that’s what you call “opportunities” then I don’t want it. Having first pick at a bunch of shallow men is not what I would call an advantage. You can gloat all you want to but you sound like a fool. Basically, you’re happy because someone with “power” is choosing you based on nothing more than you complexion and nothing else. That’s an insult if you asked me. Do you have anything more to offer? Can you get a job based on merit alone. By the way, the so-called advantages you mentioned doesn’t happen too often. And MOST if not all the time these men do want sex. Keep it real.

    • KM

      @ Jayis, I know MANY dark-skinned girls who are chosen over light/caramel women. It seems to me that you are delusional and all of what you mention are imaged advantages. You know you are talking about the cat callers, and yes,many of them hang with the club and MAYBE some of them may have some position of power. You sound silly, girl, get your head outta your ass and come back to reality.

    • GG

      Nothing she said was offensive she was just being honest.

    • Alexis

      As a brown-skinned woman, I do realize this lighter-skinned sister is being very honest. This is really the way it is.

  • Oh my freaking God…I am a dark skinned woman and I am too tired of this nonesense. Lighter skin women are considered prettier because the benefit from a positive beausty stereot type. In short their own PR. A sizeable amount (not sure if it’s half) of light girls have European features: Pointy, downard nose, a less coarse texture of hair. European features are considered beautiful and the more white in you the lighter your sking and the more likely you are to have these features.

    However a Pretty Dark skinned girl will take get asked out for dates more than a less attractive light skinned girl PERIOD. Men among other things judge women by beauty so work with whatever you have going on in the looks department and stop complaining about how light skin girls are getting all the attention. It would be like a good guy complaining NBA players were getting more attention than them…so what?

    And Dark Skin girls take better care of yourselves. Do your hair, do your makeup. We need better PR as well. If we acted more girly, could cook, smiled and actually looked to the things we could be a more desireable stereotype too!

    Megan Goode is prettier many light skin women

    • Cocoa

      Megan Goode is not even dark, chile please!

  • Gwennette Manning

    My mother was light skinned, and my younger sister is too. I on the other hand is dark skinned. At first I did hate myself, but I had to gain my own place in this world. Any man that doesn’t want me because of my skin color I don’t want him as well. I will get hurt I know bcause men will use me for sex but not for marriage. I deal with rejection well and I am alone alot.

  • Kels

    @ Gwennette Manning, there are PLENTY of light-skinned women who get cheated on and are passed over for marriage. You will not get used unless you allow yourself to. When the time is right, you will find a mature man of subtance who doesn’t care about skin color. It’s so ignorant any to choose someone based on their skin color. And that’s good you wouldn’t want a man who doesn’t want you based on your skin color. I was passed over because I wasn’t dark enough, but I did give a rats ass because those type of men are will end up leaving you becuase they weren’t with you for any real reasons in the first place.