Booties are now en vogue. After decades of women trying to hide their derriere, ass is now in style and it seems like everyone and their mama is engaging in a squat challenge to get their donk on point.

But some are taking their quest for a plumper rump to unhealthy levels, injeting cemet, silicone, and all manner of nasty chemicals into their backside just to have a video vixen-esque butt.

In a recent article for Ebony.com, Erika Nicole Kendall writes about the rising obsession getting a big ol’ butt…by any means necessary.

Kendall writes:

This isn’t about squats. It’s not about lunges. It’s not about working out, it’s not about being fit, and it might not even be about – dare I say it – men.

What is so promising about a big booty that it would encourage an almost-30-year-old-woman to risk abandoning her 2 adolescent daughters? What is so important about having junk in the trunk, that a woman would allow industrial-grade silicone to sit inside of her for five years – causing her, in her own words, “excruciating pain” – instead of having it taken out immediately before it caused her to lose all of her limbs?

When you hear the story of 39-year-old Natasha Stewart – alias Pebbelz da Model – who not only lied for years about having had booty injections… not only went on to continue lying about having injections while being paid to give injections to others… but was arrested for homicide for killing someone by injecting them with concrete? What in the world are we supposed to think? What are we supposed to do?

While there will always be people with a distorted view of their bodies, our culture’s current obsession with a woman’s hindparts is troubling.

The porn industry, strip clubs, and raunchy videos have tricked some into thinking unusually fat asses are the norm, and sadly some people are risking life and limb to live up to the fantasy.

If you want a larger butt, here’s my advice: hit the gym, do some squats, lift weights, and smile.

That’s it.

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