Fort Worth, TXA black city employee filed a civil suit against Fort Worth, Texas last week. The complaint alleges he was excluded from promotions and subjected to racial slurs, which led to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, depression, loss of appetite and anxiety.

The plaintiff, Darrenn Foreman, has named the city of Fort Worth, city manager Tom Higgins, parks director Richard Zavala and other city officials as defendants in the suit.

In one incident cited in the suit, Foreman claims another employee told him, “We freed y’all.” He also alleges he was bypassed for promotions within the city’s Parks Department.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s NBC affiliate reports:

In April 2011, Foreman was interviewed for a promotion to senior maintenance worker, according to the lawsuit.

Two weeks later, Foreman claims two members of the panel that had interviewed him congratulated him on earning the highest score and earning the position.

But he never got the promotion.

He was re-interviewed in June 2011 and was the only candidate for the job.

But again, he didn’t get it.

According to the lawsuit, one person on the 3-member panel that interviewed him told Foreman that he had scored him high but a parks department official required him to change his scores.

Before he learned how he did, the city posted a second job opening for the same position in another part of the city.

The city then filled both jobs with other people.

When he complained again, an employee in the Human Resources Department told him his “original test documents prepared by the interviewing panel had been tampered with — there were erasures,” the lawsuit claims.

Foreman said that although a city investigator told him he should have received the promotion, the investigator later left the city, and the human relations director stopped answering his calls.

Racial discrimination is rampant in the work environment. It’s caricatured in popular web series like “The Unwritten Rules,” but has real-world implications. More than 33,000 race-based allegations were filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from Oct. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012.

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  • Jasz

    I hope this brotha has his documents and witnesses in place because you know these racist mothasuckas out here don’t wanna take any responsibility for their disgusting behavior!! Also, I hope he really has faced discrimination at his job and it not just doing this for a come up… For those of you who will try to bash me and thumbs me down.you know that people of all races can be ratchet as hell, using every and anything at their disposal to get some cash. But if it’s true I hope he wins and brings about some change!!!

  • XdeMon

    I wish him luck

  • R J

    I worked at the City of Ft Worth many years ago. Saw this same type of BS during promo interviews. Despite scoring the highest in both interviews, the position was given to one of the manager’s buddies. The candidate even as much as told some of us that he had been promised the next open position by the manager. The interviews were just a “window dressing” formality to give the appearance of fairness, of course.

    The same thing happened again for another promo. Carbon copy repeat, except the manager apparently didn’t like the results, so he got rid of one of the position requirements, so another of his buddies could qualify to apply for the position !. Can you guess who got the position?

    When I tried to point this out to the HR department, they weren’t the least bit interested in investigating the issue and told me it was just a case of “sour grapes” on my part in their opinion. Then they decided to “let me go” to cut cost on budgeting. Finally had to sue them. You can always count on this city to “do the right thing once they’ve exhausted every other possibility”