Going through a break-up isn’t always easy. Finding items on a scavenger hunt is even harder.

Ally’s boyfriend cheated on her, so she decided to leave him a parting letter and a game to play.


Oh, hi Dave! It’s been really fun dating you for the past couple of years! I’m so glad we moved in together, so that when I found out you were cheating on me with Kelsi, it was easier for me to find and hide all of your precious belongings. Here’s this fun scavenger hunt I put together, commemorating some of the more important moments in our relationship (or should I say fauxlationship?). You were always shitty at remembering my birthday/Valentine’s Day/the color of my eyes, so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble figuring out where you crap is.

See you never! Love, Ally.

Hopefully Ally’s boyfriend remembers their “firsts” because it would come in handy if he ever wanted to retrieve his clothes, video games, laptop and television.  I also wonder how  the new girlfriend, Kelsi felt when she discovered the rest of his belongings on his doorstep.

Good Luck, Dave.


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