Kanye West recently sat down with The New York Times to discuss his career, personal life and new album, “Yeezus”.  The soon to be new baby daddy, didn’t exactly speak candidly about either subjects, but seemed to cloak his responses in nuance and typical Kanye-esque attitude.

When the interviewer brought up past subjects like the infamous Taylor Swift incident, Kanye had this to say:

Do you believe in the concept of regret?

If anyone’s reading this waiting for some type of full-on, flat apology for anything, they should just stop reading right now.

When the subject of his relationship with Kim, his mother and his new baby, Kanye got a little sentimental:

But you’re in a very public relationship, a seemingly long and satisfying relationship: you’re about to have a child.

Any woman that you’re in love with or that loves you is going to command a certain amount of, you know, energy. It’s actually easier to focus, in some ways.

When you’re uncertain about love, it can be such a distraction. It infects all the other areas.

Yeah, that’s what I mean when I say like, “Yo, I’m going to be super Zenned out like, five years from now.” I’m the type of rock star that likes to have a girlfriend, you know? I’m the type of soul that likes to be in love and likes to be able to focus. And that inspires me.

Did you think differently about family after your mother passed?

Yeah, because my mother was — you know, I have family, but I was with my mother 80 percent of the time. My mom was basically — [pause]

Was your family.

Yeah, that’s all I have to say about that.

What thoughts do you have about parenthood?

That is a really interesting, powerful question. One of the things was just to be protective, that I would do anything to protect my child or my child’s mother. As simple as that.

Have you ever felt as fiercely protective over anything as you are feeling now about those things?

I don’t want to explain too much into what my thoughts on, you know, fatherhood are, because I’ve not fully developed those thoughts yet. I don’t have a kid yet.

You haven’t experienced it yet.

Yeah. Well, I just don’t want to talk to America about my family. Like, this is my baby. This isn’t America’s baby.

On the subject of his upcoming “Yeezus” release he explained his direction with the music and mood:

One of the things I thought when I heard the new record was, “This is the anti-‘College Dropout.’ ” It feels like you’re shedding skin. Back then, you were like: “I want more sounds. I want more complicated raps. I want all the things.” At what point did that change?

Architecture — you know, this one Corbusier lamp was like, my greatest inspiration. I lived in Paris in this loft space and recorded in my living room, and it just had the worst acoustics possible, but also the songs had to be super simple, because if you turned up some complicated sound and a track with too much bass, it’s not going to work in that space. This is earlier this year. I would go to museums and just like, the Louvre would have a furniture exhibit, and I visited it like, five times, even privately. And I would go see actual Corbusier homes in real life and just talk about, you know, why did they design it? They did like, the biggest glass panes that had ever been done. Like I say, I’m a minimalist in a rapper’s body. It’s cool to bring all those vibes and then eventually come back to Rick [Rubin], because I would always think about Def Jam.

To read the rest of the interview you can click here

Are you looking forward to “Yeezus”?

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  • Ash

    I love this Issa Rae tweet from today:

    “No one will ever love Kanye more than he loves himself. THAT is pure love.”


    • JN

      I read it too! Another quote from someone that I think applies to Kanye is, “One day he will back his back. From kissing his own ass.”

    • JN

      ugh, *break his back

    • Ash

      haha! So true!

  • jj

    What i find most interesting is the heart icon says zero which sums it up he gets no love. Let God be God Hes much better at it then you Kanye

  • RenJennM

    Kanye West is my favorite rapper [alive]. I love Hip Hop, and I do believe there are other rappers that are better than Kanye, but Kanye’s music and lyrics have always left more of an impression on me than any other rapper’s.

    With that said, adoring him musically does not mean I adore him as a person. In fact, I can’t stand him. He has moments when I’m like, “Wow, he’s so intelligent and inspirational”, and then he’ll turn around and say something belligerent and disappoint me all over again. It’s a love-hate, fan-celebrity relationship, I guess. *sigh*

    I read the entire “New York Times” article. If I didn’t know who the hell Kanye West was, I would think he was a brilliant man by reading that article. But I do know who he is (or rather how he can be), and I know better. It makes me think of that common adage: actions speak louder than words. His words are incredible, yet he’ll go out and do everything against what he just spoke on. He can’t talk to me about wanting to make things for the people when most kids who look up to him can’t afford his sneakers or his clothing line.

    I know over the years, many of us have accepted Kanye to kind of be that conflicted artist battling between his intentions and his impulses. But after a while, it becomes draining and tiresome to ‘have to’ just accept that constant hypocrisy. Like going from “Jesus Walks” to “I Am a God” — it’s like, wtf?! It’s too much. I’m a fan, and as a consumer, this is what I’m being given to buy with my money. This is what I ‘have to’ take and accept. It’s like dealing with a man that tells you everything you want to hear but keeps treating you like sh*t. (I know I hyperbolized, but sometimes that’s what you need to do to put it all in perspective.)

    I’m going to preview the album when it comes out. If it’s too much blasphemy and bullsh*t for me to take, I will not be purchasing it. If it is better than I thought, then I will get it. Simple as that. Until then, I will be most definitely looking forward to J. Cole’s album, which releases the same day.

    • Zaza

      Agree with what you say, think there are many fans feeling the same, particular black female fans. People dismiss our criticisms with ‘everyone’s a hypocrite’ or ‘Kanye is an innovator, can’t be doing dropout style forever’ but I’ve supported Kanye as a fan through all of his music experimentation, and listen to all kinds of music anyway. I know everyone is hypocritical but Kanye has taken it to a new extent- calling ‘nwords’ ‘new slaves’ for following the consumerism and trends that he promotes when he raps about luxury and brands?

      Claiming to be this anti- (white)establishment anti-celebrity artist, bragging about his pro black credentials that his mother was the first black english prof at her college and his dad was a black panther – then knocking up the white princess of reality tv, a woman known for empty fame and having no political or social conciousness?

      Nope there’s only so much a fan can take- yes I get growth and change but this side switching just comes off beyond superficial at this point, Kanye can miss me on this album. That said Kanye thinks he doesn’t need his regular black folk fanbase anymore. This new direction is showing off and playing the controversial ‘angry black men’ role for the fashionable white music press, and white fans…to be shocked and delighted by.Whatever works for him I guess.

  • For me, Kanye has always tried to push the boundaries of hip-hop. As a fan, i’m always excited to see what he’d do next (regardless of if i liked the finished product or not). I think that the last few years, he’s clearly gone through a very tough period, which is reflected in his songs.
    I like the fact that he has taken the time to write and record this latest album, and i think that it will definitely cause controversy. But i’m not so crazy about his angry persona, whilst still courting of the press. It seems that he’s become wrapped up in the drama, than the music