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  • sassychloe


  • hairnono

    And here is where I get smacked.

    Most women cannot pull this look off. This model is quite young, with little facial fat, and she has perfect skin.

    I see many with natural hair try to wear their hair in a similar fashion — and they look horrible. I don’t know where the messy Raggedy Ann look came from, but I think it’s ugly.

    Natural hair can be beautifully neat and sleek. A friend of mine applies some oil and gel into her hair, wraps a scarf around it, and when she removes the scarf a few hours later, her hair is gorgeous and neat.

    Yes, natural hair can indeed look “done.” The first step? Get rid of that awful big-hair look.

  • GG

    Loves it! I’m wearing a twist out as we speak with winged eye liner.

  • BrownandBeautiful

    Harpo, who dis woman? She’s hot!