Summer Jam set off a firestorm on social media not only because of Lil Kim’s puzzling appearance, but also for Mister Cee’s questionable tribute to Oklahoma tornado victims. The DJ, who was recently charged with soliciting prostitution for the third time, took the stage at the popular Hot 97 concert on Sunday to honor the lives that were lost in the Oklahoma tornado.

Mister Cee asked the audience for a moment of silence and then spun a record called “RIP,” a song by rapper Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz. The problem is the lyrics have little to do with death and mourning, and instead focus on drinking, partying and dealing with haters:

“RIP We just killed the club, drink patron out the bottle almost killed a thug / When I’m so high, I can’t feel the drugs / Too many haters in here, I don’t feel the love”

According to Twitter, some concertgoers found the tribute to be inappropriate and offensive because of the song’s content.

Here’s a sampling of several tweets of disapproval from attendees:

“No seriously, why would Mister Cee play this song for the memories of those lost?”

“Mister Cee plays Young Jeezy’s RIP after a moment of silence for the people of Moore, OK. Talk about a horrible segue.”

“This dude mister cee’s DJ career is over. You don’t say to pay respect to Oklahoma then play RIP by Young Jeezy lmfao.”

Though Hot 97 has remained silent about the backlash, several users believe an apology is order. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?

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  • MLI

    He’s already proven that his judgement is lacking…

  • why does this person have a job?

  • Marisa

    If your not going to do something right DON’T DO IT AT ALL. Also I would love to work for some of these industries were people get chance after chance of screwing up, this is the station that had that horrid Tsuamani/Michael Jackson diss, and another who after Allayiah died played plane crash sound effects. Anything less than vapid stupidity coming out of Summer Jam would be shocking, as it wouldn’t truly be Summer Jam without somebody acting a fool.

  • The Comment

    He sure looks like Toodee from Yo Gabba Gabba.