Kelly Rowland and Beyonce

Let’s face it: Since Destiny’s Child came on the scene in the 1990s, Kelly Rowland has been in Beyoncé’s shadow. From the distribution of solos, to DC’s configuration on stage, it was quite apparent  Kelly wasn’t the star of the show.

Until today. It’s been seven years since DC said farewell to their fans, and since then, Kelly has been on her own quest for solo stardom. Despite racking up hits both in the States and aboard, Kelly can’t seem to shake the questions or comparisons to her Houston home girl.

After Kelly released her latest single, “Dirty Laundry,” which saw the X-Factor star coming clean about a past abusive relationship and her feelings of jealousy toward Bey, folks honed in on her confessional and wondered if she still covets Beyoncé’s success. Although Kelly has repeatedly asserted the song deals with her feelings from the past, her recent revelation (or to some, confirmation) about her feelings toward her former band mate re-ignited the flames.

To Kelly’s credit, she hasn’t snapped on folks for constantly asking her about Beyoncé, but should they?

Will Kelly ever fully break out Beyoncé’s shadow?

Check out a clip of Kelly Rowland on the Wendy Williams show discussing her career, her new album, and of course, Beyoncé.

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