Rachel Jeantel, the young woman who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin the night he was shot, testified on Wednesday at George Zimmerman’s trial that Martin was aware that he was being followed.

“A man was watching him … He kept complaining the man was watching him,” the 19-year-old told the prosecuting attorney, relating her conversation with Martin of the night of Feb. 26, 2012.

During Jeantel’s testimony, she grew increasingly frustrated with George Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West and his line of questioning. West pretty much tried to discredit her by saying she lied about her age, claiming to be a minor because she did not want to get involved. Jeantel also said she lied about being in the hospital during Martin’s memorial service, because she didn’t want to see his body. “You gotta understand,” she told West. “I’m the last person — you don’t know how I felt. You think I really want to go see the body after I just talked to him?

Being on stand and testifying about a friend’s death  isn’t easy. During her testimony there were tears and frustration in her voice. But that didn’t prevent people on social media from dragging her through the mud.

Assholes like the ones below seemed to take issue with the fact that Jeantel didn’t sound educated and was “hood”:

If you’re questioning how important education is, watch round 2 of Rachel Jeantel on the stand today #zimmermantrial

There were also jokes comparing her to the star of the movie Precious.

And yes, a lot of these jokes came from our fellow black people. People who need to grow the fuck up.  This woman is on stage testifying about her friend that was murdered, and all some could do was joke about her appearance and the way she spoke?  It made me realize even more, how certain black people have the audacity to look down on others that don’t meet their “standards”.

Then there’s the issue with The Smoking Gun. After Jeantel’s name was made public, her own Twitter account was searched and criticized.   There were tweets about drinking, getting high, and a few about the anniversary of Martin’s murder.  Apparently, as of yesterday a few tweets were deleted after TSG contacted a few of her friends on their own social media accounts.  No shame whatsoever. Does it matter what Jeantel tweeted about over the last year? She’s 19 years old, and although I don’t condone her activities, they’re just what they are, her activities. Which are pretty much no different from millions of other teenager’s activities.

Jeantel is scheduled to take the stand today, for another round of questioning, I’m hoping she’s not going to be dragged through the mud on social media for a second day in a row.

Black people, please contain your self-hate.



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