Beauty supply store owners across the country are being hit by thieves.  Not only are they robbing the cash registers, but they’re also stealing thousands of dollars worth of hair and selling it on the “black market”.

In a recent CNN Money report, major cities like Philadelphia and Chicago have seen a rise in hair weave thefts. Just last week,  a Chicago salon was robbed and thieves got away with 10 packs of Remy hair extensions, worth a $100 apiece.

From CNN:

The remy hair frenzy is not without merit: They’re the highest grade of real, human hair on the market, because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. This means they look natural and stay shiny, soft and tangle-free.

But the silky locks, which are often sewn in at salons, come at a high price. The average person uses two packs each time and the hair needs to be replaced every three to six months. This works out to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year.

In the last eight months alone, there have been two similar beauty supply store burglaries in Chicago, according to police officer Jose Estrada.

Meanwhile, last year, robbers made away with a reported $230,000 worth of extensions from the 35th Street Beauty Supply store in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. A year earlier, thieves bypassed Beauty One’s register and beelined straight for the remy packs, taking $80,000 of the product.

Yoonjin Han, who works at Beauty One, said she hears these heists happen even more often — at least once a month.

But if you think having a store being robbed is bad, in India and Brazil, women are warned not to wear their hair down in movie theaters and in public places because robbers are literally carrying scissors and cutting hair off of their victims. 

When you think you’ve heard it all, there’s always something new.



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  • BeanBean

    OMG, next thing you know women will be snatching Asian kids off the streets for their hair. It’s sad, but I feel a Madea’s Weave Protection Agency film is in the works.

  • talaktochoba

    seems hair has become the new blood diamond;

    i’ve not one iota of sympathy for the hair retailers getting robbed of what they robbed others of–the crime truly fits the crime;

    now if black women would stop being so fashion slave stupid, the “good hair” industry would disappear and those thousands of dollars would go back to our neighbourhoods and our children;

    • Apple

      Not everybody who sell hair steals/robs it

    • talaktochoba

      theft occurs when profits do not go to the original source what generated them;

      you buy a CD or music track on line, the cost to you is established by what the vendor must pay to his distributor, on back to the original studio holding the copyright on the music;

      when hair is cut off at a shrine or movie theatre, not one flat dime of profit made by selling and reselling it til it gets to you, the consumer, goes back to the original owner of the hair;

      that puts hair in India in the same class as rubber from the Congo, diamonds from Sierra Leone, oil from Nigeria, milk and aluminium buaxite from Jamaica, bananas from Martinique, pineapple from Hawaii and rap music from Enema;

  • I don’t know Talaktochoba. Were the dollars circulating our community hands before the hair weave industry took off? Seems like there has always been something in place to keep the dollars from staying put in our communities

  • Kay

    Whoa. I remember trying to some kinky/curly hair for a really nice retro kind of seventies look I was going to get and the lady looked at me aghast. The shopowner was like “You–want–kinky hair?! But why you want kinky?!” She kept trying to change my mind but I was adamant. That’s when I noticed all the racks of the straight hair they had (all locked up of course). She pushed me towards some dusty packs of hair they had in the back where anyone could easily swipe it all. It was such a contrast between the shiny packs they had prominently displayed under lock and key. That let me know that the eurocentric standard is valued in not only in Black communities but those all over the world. She sold the hair to me but the look on her face was like I was buying something ugly and tainted.

    This is why you’ll see people robbing salons for hair. It’s not just that they want to look nice; as you can look nice in both weaves and natural hair. It’s that they want to fit that standard of beauty so badly that they’d rob for it. *smh*