Photoshop is a sensitive subject in the fashion community as celebrities from Rihanna to Michelle Obama have been airbrushed. Beyoncé made headlines recently regarding Photoshop when her team allegedly pushed H&M to run unaltered images of her swimsuit campaign (the brand reportedly wanted to Photoshop away some of her famous curves). Yesterday, the superstar singer wound up in the news again when Roberto Cavalli’s photoshopped caricature hit the press.

The Italian house distributed a press release when Beyonce wore their gown on “The Mrs. Carter Show” tour. In the document, a rendering of the Pepsi spokeswoman appears to distort her body, making her look significantly thinner than usual.

Immediately, fashion media outlets and blogs took Roberto Cavalli to task for the image and what they deemed a poor Photoshop job. The brand released the following statement in response: “Our purpose has always been to portray Beyoncé as the strong and beautiful woman she is. It has been a good working process and a close cooperation. Both parties are happy with the images.”

Since they ran the photoshopped image alongside actual photographs of Beyonce wearing the gown onstage, I’m inclined to believe the caricature was meant to serve the purpose of a sketch. A sketch is usually fictional in nature and often portrays the body as thinner than it is in reality.

However, if it was a deliberate airbrushing job to make Beyonce appear skinnier, Roberto Cavalli would not be the first fashion brand to make that faux paux. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?


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  • E.M.S.

    If it’s mean to be an artistic sketch, it’s fine because it’s more a style than a desired appearance. Running it with her actual photos suggests making her thin was not their intention.

    I don’t mind the artsy stuff, but it’s about time fashion magazines and designers actually displayed women as they really are. The photoshopping has gotten way out of hand.

  • talaktochoba

    when you live in a fantasy world, you cannot expect any reality from those who fantasize with you;